It’s been two months since Prime Video announced its exit from Nigeria. Since then, they’ve dumped movies and shows on our heads like they’re LAWMA and we’re the refuse site.

Normally, we wouldn’t have a problem with this, but these latest drops have had us looking left, right and wondering who sent us message. So, we decided to rank them all.


You might be tempted to judge this movie by its poster, but don’t. You’ll get a jumpscare every time you see Willy, but it’s one of the best body swap movies Nollywood has given us so far.

Rewatch value: 8/10

It was good, and you’ll enjoy watching it. Even Willy and his Willy Wonka dress sense can’t stain this body of work’s white.

“A Green Fever”

Watch this only if you’ve been thinking of catching a flight to an unknown place. It’ll take you on a journey from confusion to understanding and confusion again.

Rewatch value: 7/10

The actors brought their A-game, but the open ending might make you pull your hair out in the first watch.

“It Blooms in June”

It’s cute and all, but there’s no way we could root for Mira and Ebisinde, please. Their chemistry was non-existent, and we’ve never hoped for a relationship to crash and fail the way we hoped for theirs to.

Rewatch value: 6/10

You might watch this again if you like coming-of-age stories and want to see a somewhat healthy father-daughter relationship on screen. Just get ready to squeeze your eyes shut at Ebisinde’s attempts at flirting.

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“Hotel Labamba”

Yhemolee was the hypeman in a makeshift club in someone’s hotel room. In this house, we support women’s rights and wrongs. That being said, considering the plot holes, the poor attempts at humour, and the fact that there was nothing mysterious about this murder mystery, this might be one of Biodun Stephen’s big wrongs. But that’s okay because she’s done many rights before.

Rewatch value: 5/10

If you like displays of foolishness, then you can rewatch this to your heart’s content.

“Small Talk”

If you’re a fan of Nigerian comedy, then you’ll love this. At least, ten skitmakers feature in this film, so you’ll get what you came for: poorly timed jokes and forced humour.

Rewatch value: 4/10

If Instagram skits are your type of thing, you’re in for the ride of your life.


The plot might be new for Nollywood, but that’s the only good thing about this film. Okay, that’s a half-truth. It was a little funny, and we did get to see Adesua Etomi on our screen again, after Gangs of Lagos.

Rewatch value: 3/10

The movie already wastes your time the first time around, rewatching it might just be an act of self-harm. Except you’re the biggest fan of Blossom Chukwujekwu and Adesua. 

“The Bloom Boys”

If you can stick with this to the end, then you might just be God’s strongest soldier. Between the rehashed storyline and the moral lesson it tries to teach in the middle of all the chaos, there’s nothing special about this. Except maybe Kemi getting revenge on her abusive partner. She ends up in jail, but she shows him shege first, and that’s the only thing we were there for.

Rewatch value: 1/10

They scammed us with the trailer. Things just happened throughout the movie. Timini is apparently a rapper, artist manager and Joseph the Dreamer. Half the other characters are annoying AF and doing as they wish, never minding the plot.



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