Everyone is talking about Netflix’s Blood Sisters. The star studded limited series follows two friends, Sarah (Ini Dima Okojie) and Kemi (Nancy Isime), as they try to escape the police and a ridiculously hot/silent Ramsey Noah after beheading Sarah’s abusive fiancé minutes to their wedding. Yes, it’s chaotic as hell, but I loved every minute. One thing about the show that’s blowing people’s minds (asides from the gripping plot) is the fashion. Every single character served lewks worthy enough to grace the MET Gala red carpet   Let’s talk about some of our favourite looks from the show. 

9. Abasiyama’s seduction outfit

Starting this right with my girl, Abasiyama (Toke Makinwa). This is how you turn up to your ex’s wedding with the intention to spread bad vibes and wreck homes.. I still can’t get over her “Chai, let me kiss you for the last time as a single man,” line. Abby baby, please seek help.

8. Kemi’s girl boss looking for a gun look

I call this outfit: Suited to kill. This babe was on a gun hunt while trying to hide a murder, but still had time to dress in couture. The fabric from the sleeves alone is enough to make another dress. This outfit is giving She-E-O/Girlboss/Beheading queen vibes. You better werk, sis! 

7. Sarah’s engagement dress

While we can all agree that Kola (Deyemi Okanlawon) was a terrible man who lowkey deserved the ending he got, we also have to admit that the dress he wanted Sarah to wear for their engagement party was way better than her first choice? I mean, unlike that “show me your back” number she first had on, this dress is giving wealth and opulence. Anyways, RIP Kola, your fashion sense may be top notch but the evil you’ve done is enough. Have fun styling Karashika in hell.

6. Yinka’s wings of celebration outfit

This is exactly the type of power suit I also want to wear while receiving updates on the man I’ve paid someone to kill. Look at the wing thing on the shoulder. Sis, where are you flying to? While we’re on Yinka’s (Kehinde Bankole) case, can we get into her acting in this scene? She was probably doing sungbalaja in her head while pretending to be saddened by Kola’s death. A true Uduak (Kate Henshaw) in the making. No wonder they were giving each other hot hot. Uduak could see herself in Yinka and lowkey respected her for being that bitch. 

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5. A literal slay queen

She came, she slayed and she beheaded. This jumpsuit is EVERYTHING! This look alone is enough to convince the judge that Kemi (Nancy Isime) doesn’t deserve to be in jail wearing those ugly prison uniforms.

4. Frozen part three

Madam Uduak is giving ice queen with that cape and big ass diamond earrings. Elsa was found dead. By the way, is it me or was this staircase a supporting character on this show? 

3. #Kate4Disney

Someone get Disney on the phone. We need to get Kate Henshaw a role that’ll let her explore her Disney villain fantasy.

2. The “I don’t want to be here” Iro and Buba

How else will everyone know you’re beefing your soon-to-be daughter-in-law if you don’t show up and try to outshine her? Madam Uduak was on a mission here, and she clearly succeeded. Our favourite perpetually irritated villain ate and left no crumbs. Those shoulders alone na die. 

1. She is an icon and she is the moment.

THIS IS IT. No words. How is this woman dressed like this in her living room on a regular afternoon. What will she now wear when there’s something really important going on? The colour of this dress, her nails, the earrings, the couch…This is a moment. 

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