The pilot season of Big Brother Titans started four weeks ago. Honestly, it should have come with a warning because Big Brother and his dual nationality children are already causing heart palpitations and giving us the best of everything. From K drama-style romance to Africa magic epic dramas, WWE fights, and love triangles Zee world would be jealous of, the titans are serving it all.

But because we are messy people, we need Big Brother to amp up the drama in his house and what better way to do it than with these eight things

Movie night 

Biggie, you know that we know that you know half your housemates want to fight each other. All we ask is that you be a nice big brother and let them sort their issues out. Make them dress up all nice and pretty, lay out light finger snacks and some hard liquor, then make them sit down and watch their conversations. We need Nelissa to hear what Thabang really thinks about her, Yaya has to see Marvin chatting about her from the corner of his mouth and Yemi Cregx needs to see Khosi’s numerous attempts to kiss Thabang.

Split the house

You know what they say, divide and conquer, split the housemates according to their messiness and situationships. Move Kanaga, Yvonne and Miracle to a house without Juicy Jay and leave Tsatsii with Blaqboi and Marvin since they won’t stop thinking they have a chance with her. Big Brother take risk, take risk and succeed.

Bring back old housemates

Biggie please bring back the people you’ve already let out of your house. By this, we mean Sandra and Mmeli, because Sandra’s promised to give Mmeli and Nelissa woto woto and that can’t happen outside your house, we want to see it.

Ship diary sessions

What we need from Big Brother is to fuel the delusion in that house. People need to continue feeling like they’re in a proper triangle, and what better way to do this than for their big brother to acknowledge it.

Bring in Khosi’s boyfriend

It’s a simple request; you don’t have to make it obvious. Bring in people for the other housemates too. As long as Khosi’s boyfriend comes in there, scatters everywhere and puts the fear of the Lord in Yemi Cregx and Miracle, we’ll be fine.

Switch up pairs and make them sleep on the same bed

Big brother, make Ipuleng and Juicy Jay a pair, give Yemi Cregx to Blue Aiva and watch the foundations of your house shake.

Give them all phones and show them one gossip tweet every week

We need Olivia to see this tweet so she can fully unleash on Blue Aiva and Thabang.

Go the purge on the housemates and allow anything for a day

As long as they leave their mics on and they don’t destroy your cameras, Biggie, please let them do as they wish. You might have to keep an ambulance on stand-by though, because, between Yemi Cregx and Miracle, and Khosi and Blue Aiva, somebody’s going to end up with a broken head.

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