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Everything that happened in Ultimate Love Day 37

You thought Arnold and Kachi didn’t handle their multiple nominations well last week? Well, Jay is shaken to the core of his existence and it’s not a pretty sight at all. He spent Day 37 planning a coup in Aunty’s house.

Ultimate Love Day 37

Jay really thinks he’s Ojukwu with this alliance he’s planning.

Because Jay, the self acclaimed biggest game player in Aunty’s love pad is up for possible check out for the first time, he has taken it upon himself to form an alliance with some other Love Guests and continue to nominate Rokise, Bolar and Chivia every week, while protecting themselves. This dude is a clown.

Meanwhile, Jay’s Nkechi is tired and unsure of her relationship with Him:

While Jay is going from one Love guest to another trying to form alliance, Nkechi, the reason why he’s in the house is having doubts about their relationship and discussing with Chiddy Bankz. I hope they have the least amount of votes this week so they can carry their wahala and go home on Sunday.

Ultimate Love Day 37

Is Roksie the Ultimate Couple?

Voting result for week 5 is out and Roksie (Rosie and Kachi) are still leading with the highest number of votes. The finale is going to be a tough battle between Roksie and Iykeresa’s fans.

Ultimate Love Day 37

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