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Ultimate Love day 19 recap patriarchy
The call asked if people were looking for love, meanwhile, some of the love guests are looking for patriarchy.

Ultimate Love started with feminists winning the war against patriarchy, but right now, premium shame is catching me to even tell you people how patriarchy is winning without even trying. I’m disappointed, but I’m not exactly surprised.   

Nigerian men will never not disgrace you

Jay once said his future wife isn’t allowed to pay tithe from the money he gives her because he doesn’t believe in tithing. Lmao. He’s given his wife money, but she has to spend only on things he approves of? Wow.

Then there’s Arnold who said he can’t marry a woman from a broken home. He even said women who expect their men to help in the house live in a fantasy. 

Obichukwu already told Ebi to address him “respectfully” because his people are watching. He has even told her that she can’t keep buying designer stuff with HER OWN MONEY until they acquire some properties. I can bet my last Naira that these properties would be in Obi’s name if they ever get to that stage. 

Bruh, these men are the ghetto!

Making decisions for adults without consulting them 

A lot of them made it known to the women during their speed dating sessions that they’d rather their women stay at home and take care of the house, while they go about building their empires. I’m not even trying to be petty but most of these women have more stable jobs than the men. 

For the couples who aren’t living in the same state, the men are so sure that women are ready to say bye bye to their current state of residence to join them where they live, without even discussing it with them first. The way they casually say “oh she’s joining me in xxx” state is so funny.

Will women ever stop enabling men and their patriarchal ways?

The weekly roaster had men’s names on it for cooking initially, but that stopped after the first week and I’m yet to see any of the women talk about this. Rather, they cook so happily like it’s a cooking competition, some would even spend the whole day in that kitchen, if you allow them.  

When it comes to weekly nominations, most of the women are always so proud to announce that their men made the decision on who to nominate. They left that one for head of the family, abi? Decision that’s for two people to make. Sigh! 


At what point will Aunty come correct?

I agree that patriarchy has eaten deep into our society, but I didn’t think Aunty was going to be an enabler. She once told Cherry to stop wearing bum shorts because there are men in the Love Pad. I thought that was a joke, until Micheal, Cherry’s partner said same thing in her presence and she nodded in agreement. 

We cannot hide our shock.

Hopefully, it’ll get better. Let’s be watching.

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