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It’s day 16! Yesterday, we told you that six couples: ObiEbi, DavidPresh, MiCherry, IykeResa, Chivia and Jerriton are all up for eviction. However, Aunty took Jeriton and Chivia out for a task for a couple to get a chance of getting saved. We’ll find out who the lucky couple is later. That leaves us with five couples up for eviction in the Ultimate Love reality show. We move!

Today, Prophet Koko will predict two couples that would most likely leave on Sunday and two couples that viewers would be happy to keep in the house.

I’ll start with the ones who might leave Ultimate Love on Sunday:

ObiEbi: Too many red flags in that relationship, and for Ebi’s sake, she needs to be home with people who love her enough to rescue her from that manipulative Obi. It’s bad enough that he has isolated her from the few friends she has in the Love Pad. By the time you add emotional abuse and body shaming to the list of things Obi does to her, you’ll join me in sending this couple home ASAP.

MiCherry: I hate to see cheerful Cherry pour water in a basket, while being stringed along, abeg. Aside the fact that Micheal is not exactly into her like she thinks, we don’t want her to leave the Love Pad pregnant. Their cuddles and kisses are getting heavier – this is only going to end in tears for Cherry if we don’t rescue her from sneaky Micheal.

Ultimate Love Day 16 Recap

Couples that will most likely scale through on Sunday:

Iykeresa: Iyke and Theresa are perceived as the strongest in this Ultimate Love show. We don’t know how true this is, but we’ll find out on Sunday during the eviction. The truth is, the ship is sailing so smoothly, they even got a fellow contestant rooting for them to win. Definitely the viewers’ favourite. I don’t see them leaving anytime soon.

Ultimate Love Day16 Recap
Awww. Young love dey sweet sha!

PreshDavid: I know a lot of people are yet to forgive these two because David chose Presh over Rosie, but once you look past that and their occasional lies, you’d like them. Their chemistry is undeniable and they compliment each other so well.  Some of us are hoping they remain in the house till the last week sha. I can’t deny myself good content because of ordinary lies, let me live abeg.

Ultimate Love Day16 Recap
I have been scammed into loving these two sha!

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