Every now and again, Nollywood dishes out a couple romcoms to remind us love exists. Sometimes, they hit the spot and have everyone shouting “God, when?” Other times, they scare the living daylight out of us and leave us with zero desire to fall in love.

Here are all the Nollywood rom-coms that’ll have you clutching your pearls and sprinkling holy water at your screen.

A Sunday Affair 

Absolutely nothing romantic or funny about Sunday confessing love to two best friends, getting one pregnant, waiting for her to die, and then, raising their child with the other best friend. The other best friend whom he’d been sleeping with while the mother of his child was alive.

Namaste Wahala 

Didi’s mother referred to women as “Cows that shouldn’t be bought after they’ve been milked”. If that isn’t enough to have you clutching your pearls, the multiple dancing and singing scenes should do the trick.

Dinner at My Place

A woman’s proposal is crashed by her man’s ex, and her $22,000 engagement ring ends up in the ex’s stomach. 

If you don’t think it’s horrifying for the babe, then at least, you can see how it was a horrifying experience for the ring.

Before Valentine’s 

It’s set in a salon a day before Valentine’s, and normally, that’d be a recipe for humour. But the way skeletons started jumping out of everyone’s closets, you’d need to hold your chest every ten minutes.

2 Weeks in Lagos

Ejikeme and Lola fall in love and get engaged in under two weeks. It seems like a cute love story until you get to the part where Ejikeme’s mother kidnaps Lola to keep her away from her son, and Lola decides to stay with him after her release instead of running in the other direction like a sane person.

Love in a Pandemic 

Honestly, this film is on this list solely because it’s set during the COVID-19 pandemic, and that was a horrifying time for all.

Okafor’s Law

A man nicknamed “The terminator” sets out to prove the existence of a law only him and his two best friends care about, by seducing three ex-girlfriends in 21 days. It has the most important ingredient of a good horror film: a simple-minded protagonist embarking on an errand no-one sent him on. 



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