Since Tinubu baby hit the ground running 12 months ago, Nigerians have barely known a second of peace. From the fuel subsidy to the constant national grid collapses to the heat waves, we’ve been through it.

We would give you a list of films that might make you feel better, but since we’re already on the path of premium shege and confusion, we’ll just give you  a list of Nollywood films that’ll leave you confused AF. You might even find yourself wondering, “who the fuck brought me to this Nigeria.”

“Water and Garri “

This one has really pretty cinematography and gorgeous talents,  but all of this is just to deceive you and lure you into the most confusing plotline you might see this month. 


You’ll start “Japa!” a bit hopeful because all your faves are together. You’ll think you’re in for a cinematic masterpiece, but your bubble will be popped. You’ll be reminded of what your country is putting you through after you watch everyone go through senseless problems for the entire duration of the film.

“Merry Men 3” 

If we’re being honest, MerryMen 1 and 2 are in this boat as well. AY brought Ramsey Nouah and Jim Iyke to our screens and saw that people somewhat liked it, now he has refused to let us rest. You’ll get jokes, some bit of action, and a weird VFX scene in Merry Men 2 that might make you hate yourself for a hot minute.

“The Kujus Again”

You’ll have a good time watching this; some bits are actually funny. It will be  a 5/10 experience until the plot loses you along the way and you’ll have to piece it all together. Think of it like how Nigerians are enjoying good music and global recognition right now, even though the weather is a mess and there’s fuel scarcity spreading through the land.

“The Men’s Club” Season 4

Remember when they changed the actor playing Aminu and told us it was going to be okay? Was it really okay? Like that wasn’t enough, they decided to put our happy-go-lucky Louis and Lola through hell, which made us suffer. When you watch this season of TMC, you’ll feel like the writer and director have joined forces with your village people to show you pepper.

“A Sunday Affair”

Two best friends fall in love with the same man, and that’s fine. However, when you add cancer, the trifling man actively pursuing them both and a possible death on the horizon, you get chaos that’ll take your brain a very long time to process.

“Skinny Girl in Transit” Season 7

There’s nothing as chaotic and confusing as THE Mide Macaulay kissing another woman while his child is in the hospital. Congratulations to whoever wrote in that little piece of chaos and sent the entire country on a downward spiral. Thank you for reminding us what our leaders do every time they speak to us.


If you want to watch RMD brood and pine over his long-lost love, then this is for you. Just make sure you’re ready to spend the next week contemplating if somoenone who truly loves themselves would willingly go through that. 

Also, the characters act like they know what they’re doing and why they’re doing it, but if you look really closely, you’ll see that everyone is just running on vibes, and not even the good type.



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