Podcasts are a dime a dozen these days, so making a popular one isn’t an easy job. Have these things if you want to succeed in this particular hustle.

Social media influencers

First of all, who wants to listen to you if you’re not popular for doing something? Either go and get some clout, or invite people who have it.

Fine aesthetics

How you appear is how you’ll be addressed. It’s no different with Nigerian podcasts, so come correct with your studio setting, props and outfit.

Great audio quality

Good microphones are non-negotiable. No one wants to strain to hear what you’re saying or endure constant static, please.

Five hosts

You need to get a few of your liviest goons to host it with you. What if your guest tries to beat you? Who’ll help you fight back?


If you don’t know how to do amebo, better bring out your talkative friends and start gisting with them. Gossip is the lifeline of any podcast.

Or chaos

Nigerians live for chaotic conversations and won’t waste time jumping on your wagon. Just bring chaos and Nigerians won’t be able to stop talking about it for a week.

Partner with popular rich brands

There’s no popular Nigerian podcast without a brand partnership — the HonestBunch Podcast and Orijin beer, Tea With Tay Podcast and Lipton. See why you need brands’ money to go far with your pod? There will be ads here and there, but Nigerians will understand when they see the expensive set.

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