Beyoncé’s been an icon, THEE MOTHER and a legend for decades now. 20 years after her solo debut in 2003, she’s managed to reinvent herself and her music over and over again without losing what makes it all unique — herself and her drive. In 2022, Beyoncé gave us the Renaissance album. And seven years after her last tour in 2016, we got the “Renaissance World Tour”. Two months after the sold-out tour ended, she released the concert docu-film, “Renaissance: A Film by Beyoncé”, worldwide.

For once, “worldwide” included Nigeria, and the film came to cinemas near us on the 1st of December. This is what some Nigerians have to say about their viewing experience.

Tunmise, 23

Watching the film felt like a reward. 

When “Renaissance: A Film by Beyoncé” was announced, I wasn’t so sure Nigerian cinemas would screen it, so I and a couple other fans in Nigeria put together a proposal and started to email different Nigerian cinema chains. Then the international territories were announced, and Nigeria wasn’t on the list. I was so defeated, but I’d been following this tour since the beginning, and I’m no stranger to Beyoncé documentaries, so I knew I needed to experience this with the hive. We intensified our efforts until the movie was announced for release here.

I don’t know if all our efforts had any part to play, but that’s what the movie embodies — resilience. Whether it’s Beyoncé performing with a knee injury or Blue Ivy’s commitment to doing better regardless of the online bullies, watching the movie with the hive was liberating. I’m thinking, “Oh, we really are a cult, but I don’t give a fuck.” In the movie, Beyoncé said, “The Beyhive, they got me,” and everyone screamed because that’s so real. We really felt like a hive, fawning over our Queen. 

We shared booze and popcorn with people we didn’t know. We danced together, and it was amazing! I’ve watched it three times already, and every time, I get something new from the film and the viewing experience.

Osaz, 26

I wasn’t a stan, but after watching “Renaissance: A Film by Beyoncé”, the woman deserves a standing ovation. My friend and I went to Ebonylife Place to catch the 7:10 p.m. showing, but tickets were sold out, so we had to wait for the 9:10 p.m. slot, which meant it would end after midnight. 

It was worth it. 

Most of my fellow watchers were repeat viewers. The hall turned into a concert; it was sickening. Beyoncé was an embodiment of perfectionism, professionalism, and thoughtfulness. Just thinking about the transitions, costumes, stage designs, sound, programming, edits, everything that went into making the tour and film, it was history being made before our very eyes. “Renaissance: A Film by Beyoncé” is a huge lesson on dedication and work ethic.

Everyone — including the haters — needs to watch it, so they can give Madam her coins and at least, get a full magnitude of how much they need to hate.

Angelica, 21

Walking into the theatre, I knew I was in for a good time. 

The experience was nothing short of magical. I got to watch her perform live on tour, and that was insane, but seeing everything that went on behind the scenes, and getting to watch Beyoncé do her thing so closely, made me love and respect her so much more — something I didn’t even think was possible. The collective joy and admiration in the theatre made the whole experience even more exciting and inspiring.  

Mrs Carter did not disappoint. She is MOTHER.

Feyisayo, 25

“Renaissance: A Film by Beyoncé” was a 10/10 experience for me. It was fun to watch and sing along with everyone in the hall. I haven’t been to a Beyoncé concert before, but watching the film felt like I was watching her perform live. Beyoncé is such a phenomenal artist, and seeing her put in all that work behind the scenes and on stage was inspiring. I am inspired to work as hard to achieve my dreams. 

Conrad, 29

After watching  “Homecoming: A Film by Beyoncé” on Netflix, I thought I was ready for this. But I kid you not, when she came out in that black dress from her birthday show and started singing Dangerously in Love, I actually started tearing up. I haven’t watched her perform live before, and God forbid this is her farewell tour — like people have been saying — but watching the film felt like I was in the stadium. With the big screen, everyone screaming and singing in the hall, it was like a “bend down select” tour experience. But as with everything Beyonce, it was grade “akube”. 

Something about Beyonce just makes you want to be the best you can be. I was watching the show and thinking, “Damn, if someone can be this passionate and good at their job 27 years later, why am I not that curious and dedicated to becoming better.” The film highlighted the importance of family and community but reminded me that being on top of everything around me is important. Like, your happiness and fulfillment are in your hands, and you must prioritise it.

IzzyBelle, 24

When I think I have the highest respect for Beyoncé, she does something new, and my respect goes unthinkably higher. I was at one of the “Renaissance” live shows, and believe me when I say it’s a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Nothing could ever compare to that, but watching the film comes pretty close. I loved every second of the film, and I’m still in awe. Her attention to every detail is unmatched. The transitions between performances were sickening, and as usual, she performed the hell out of every show. 10,000 out of 10!

Kelechi, 26

Watching the film has to be the highlight of my year. I haven’t watched her perform live before, and I hope I get to before she eventually retires, but watching the film felt like I was. It made me cry, laugh and dance. I spent the entire film speechless and in awe of Beyoncé’s work ethic, talent and beauty. It felt like a spiritual experience. I was at home with other members of the Beyhive, screaming along to all the songs. I left the cinema FULL — filled with love, inspiration, satisfaction and happiness. I’ll definitely watch it again.

Ruméh, 29

I attended one of the Renaissance World Tour concerts live, but I still went to see the film, and it gave everything it needed to give. I honestly think she’s one of the best filmmakers on Earth. “Renaissance: A Film by Beyoncé” deserves an Oscar. Beyonce is really who she thinks she is. She’s the best at everything she does, and it was incredibly beautiful and inspiring to see her work, piece things together and stand on business. The editing, the music, the attention to detail, everything was seamless, and I’ll definitely go see it again.



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