Nollywood’s given us a lot of action movies lately, featuring  intense, complex characters seeking vengeance or punishing their enemies. Some even spend half the film staring at us like they’re suffering from indigestion. 

If this is something you admire and would like to add to your day-to-day living, look no further.

Master the smoldering, no-nonsense look

What’s an action hero if they can’t stop their enemies and make them quake in fear with just one look.

Action hero to emulate: Paul Edima from The Black Book 

A past laced with trauma

Having a trauma-filled life leads to some serious character-building, and a shit ton of baggage to unpack. 

Action hero to emulate: Obalola from Gangs of Lagos 

An eerie calm

Just be calm and relax your nerves. Even if your enemy has threatened to obliterate your entire family, stand strong and be unmoved.

Action hero to emulate: Big Daddy from The Black Book 

Have loved ones you’re not willing to lose 

Something needs to happen to someone you love before your craze is activated and the story truly begins.

Action hero to emulate: Ahanna from Rattlesnake: The Ahanna Story 

Be good and bad

You know how people say you have to pick a side? Ignore them. Mix the little good you have in you with all the shege and bad vibes the world has shown you. That’s the only way you can go forth and conquer.

Action hero to emulate: Akin from Brotherhood 

Be a single pringle

Everyone around you can be in love and enjoy romance, but if you really want to be in your action hero bag, you have to embrace a life of solitude.

Action hero to emulate: Eniola Salami from King of Boys 

Get yourself a crew

You’ll need a group of people who know your capabilities and are willing to align with your plan without too much explanation. Because chances are you won’t have the time to explain, and you’ll need people you can trust.

Action hero to emulate: Okikiola from Devil in Agbada

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Great one-liners

To fully enter your action hero bag, you’ll need great one-liners like “Chi-Chi, share the groundnut” and “Be reasonable with your mother”.

Action hero to emulate: Eniola Salami from King of Boys: The Return of The King 



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