The Most Iconic Lines From 2022 K-Dramas So Far

September 17, 2022

K-drama fans don’t ask for too much. All we want is a show that’ll ruin us in the best ways. The 2022 dramas have delivered and left no crumbs. Some made us laugh; most made us cry. 

A couple dared to end in a cliffhanger. Some gave us happy endings. But most of all, they gave us these iconic lines we won’t forget anytime soon.

My Liberation Notes

“I will not pretend to be happy. I will not pretend to be unhappy. I will be honest.” – The Liberation Club

“Life is a series of embarrassments. It’s embarrassing from the moment you’re born. You are born naked.” – Chang Hee

“I want to feel whole for once. So, worship me.” – Mi-jeong

My Liberation Notes tells the story of three siblings and a stranger who want to be liberated from their unfulfilling lives. To watch this drama, just have your pack of tissues ready because the characters’ struggles are way too relatable.

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Business Proposal

“In my eyes, Ha-ri is the prettiest there is.” – Kang Taemoo

“Do you know what my love for you and this credit card have in common? They both have no limit.” – Kang Taemoo

“You know I have no chingu!” – Yoo-jung

This is probably the cheesiest 2022 drama so far, and we love it like that. It has all our favourite K-drama tropes, from being in a fake relationship to kissing under that damn yellow umbrella. If you haven’t already seen it, just start saying “God when” before you do. 

Our Blues

“There is one thing we must remember in our lifetime. We weren’t born in this world to suffer or feel miserable. We were born to be happy.” – Our Blues

“If your depression kicks in and things turn pitch black, call me. Try your best to live.” – Dong Seok

“I had never resented her in my lifetime. I just wanted to embrace and reconcile with her. I just wanted to hug her for a very long time and cry as much as I wanted.” – Dong Seok

One thing Koreans will do is accurately portray mental health struggles and encourage finding and holding your community close. In the softest way, this drama touched on the complexities of being human. If you see any drama this year, let it be this one. 

Twenty Five – Twenty One

“You are by far the most experienced fencer when it comes to losing. Those losses were blocks to build yourself stairs leading up. Think about it. Now you’ve got the highest staircase. Take your time to climb it and take whatever you want.” – Back Yijin

“That summer was ours to keep.” – Na Heedo

“We’re lovers only during the good times, and a burden to each other in the bad times.” – Na Heedo

“I love you. I don’t need a rainbow.” – Back Yijin

I don’t know a world where a reporter and a fencer can’t be together, but Baek Yi-Jin and Na Heedo made it possible in this show. I’m not here to fight today sha. Koreans have perfected the art of making you long for an era you probably weren’t born in and friendship circles you can’t be a part of. Don’t be scared when you get interested in fencing after watching this show. It’s just that good. 


“It’s amazing how our pets always wait for us when human relationships are never absolute, not even between parents and children.” – Mr. Lim

“The choice you made in your youth was honourable. You have lost so much. Yet you have protected many lives and brought about the world of today.” – Director

“All the people you saved, they’re living good lives. So why are you so unhappy?” – Choi Junwoong

“It is the final cry for help from those who wish to live more than anyone else.” – Koo Ryeon

No matter how prepared you are, this drama will find a way to break your heart, and it’s expected because there’s no easy way to talk about suicide. You’ll cry for the dying dog, the old man who felt he’d lived a worthless life but, most importantly, you’ll learn to handle situations like these better. Good luck. 

The Sound of Magic

“Now, I see that this entire time, it wasn’t money that was pushing me over the edge, but the grown-ups.” – Yoon Ah-yi

“I want to be a grown-up, so immature adults no longer have any control over my life.” – Yoon Ah-yi

The Sound of Magic is an excellent drama about a high school student, Yoon A-Yi, who was abandoned by both parents and forced to grow up way too soon. In a life where she has no good days, what happens when a magician promises to make her problems disappear if she can believe in magic.  

Alchemy Of Souls

“You are the king’s star who has been granted the power of the sky. This is not your end, Jang Uk.” – Master Lee

“Master, you have returned to being just Mudeok.” – Jang Uk

“I do not mind since we are together.” – Mudeok/Naksu

“It is written here: I will go this far just to see you. I can do anything if it means being able to see you. And this is my reply: I also missed you.” – Jang Uk

“Ye Doryeonnim” meaning : yes young master.  – Mudeok/Naksu

Do you even watch K-drama if you didn’t “Ye Doryeonnim” in Mudeok’s voice? This drama changed my opinion of Korean fantasy dramas. From the acting to the stunning visuals, it was all hits and no misses. You still have time to catch up before the next season in December. 

Extraordinary Attorney Woo

“What’s your baptismal name? Mine is Gabriel.” – Attorney Kwon

“Mine is Jennie.” – Choi Suyeon

“What is Jennie? Are you the saint of BLACKPINK?” – Attorney Kwon

“First, children must play immediately. Second, children must be healthy immediately. Third, children must be happy immediately. Children have to play right now. Later is too late. It’s too late after getting into university, after getting a job, and after getting married. Playing with marbles, tag, red rover, double dutch. Later is too late. In a life full of anxiety, it’ll be too late to find the only way to happiness.” – Bang Gu Ppong

“I want to be on the same side as you, Attorney Woo. I want an attorney like you to be on my side.” – Junho

“Woo to the young to the woo.”- Dong Geu-rami

You’re uncultured if someone walks up to you and says, “Woo to the young to the woo”, and you don’t do the whole dance. This show took us on a journey, exploring life and the courtroom through the lens of our favourite autistic lawyer, Woo Young-woo. 

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