If you’re impatient like me, waiting weekly for new episodes of Extraordinary Attorney Woo must be frustrating. Here are seven feel-good K-dramas you can watch while you wait. 

Racket Boys

I once thought sports dramas were boring, but K-dramas changed that for me. Racket Boys is the story of a boys’ badminton team going from worst to best. It’s a sweet drama about finding yourself and your community. Watching the kids tackle challenging situations and triumph will surely keep your serotonin levels high. 

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Welcome to Waikiki

This drama follows three different men — an actor, a director and a writer — a combination that works if you’re making a movie. But imagine theose three people running a guest house without prior knowledge? A disaster. This drama is funny, and if you love movies about friendship, Welcome to Waikiki does the job. Try it when you need to de-stress, and you won’t regret it.

Hometown Cha-Cha

What is more feel-good than a romantic comedy? Hometown Cha-Cha focuses on a dentist from the city, Yoon Hye Jun, who moves to a village by the seaside to start her dental practice. She meets the small town chief and jack–of-all-trades, Hong Du Sik, and we get our never-ending fill of the enemies-to-lovers trope. Their chemistry will make you desperate for love, but be ready to laugh when the nosy village people are on screen. On a scale of one to ten,  this drama is an 11. 

Our Beloved Summer

Choi Ung and Kook Yeon-Su filmed a documentary together about the worst and best students while they were in high school. Five years have passed, and they’d put it behind them, including the relationship they ended up having. Except, it’s suddenly famous, and now, they need to shoot a rerun. And these two are still in love; they just don’t know it yet. The gentle friendship each character has with the other makes this show a must-watch. 

Hi Bye, Mama!

Imagine dying but having the chance to become human again if you do different tasks for 49 days? Well, that’s Cha Yu-Ri’s story. She died five years ago, has silently watched her daughter grow and has decided her grieving husband and his new wife aren’t up to the task of raising her. This drama will have you calling the important people in your life to say I love you; it’s just that heartwarming.

Business Proposal

Business Proposal follows the life of Shin Ha-ri, who pretends to be her best friend, Young-seo, to make sure the latter’s rejected on an arranged date. Things go to shit when Ha-ri realises the man is her boss and is determined to marry her at all costs. Ha-ri ends up in several difficult situations in this drama full of cliches that’ll keep you laughing. It’s very rare for you to fall in love with both the first and second lead, but this drama makes it work. 

Mystic Pop-up Bar

Any K-drama with a balance of comedy, fantasy, and romance gets an A+ in my books. Mystic Pop-up Bar is about an ill-tempered ghost who runs an outdoor bar where the living and dead can come to find answers to their problems. If you also enjoyed Hotel Del-Luna, you’d enjoy this show.  

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