Every now and again, Nollywood comes up with extremely questionable storylines. Sometimes it’s a flash drive filled with money, other times, it’s a marriage proposal even your mother that has been disturbing you for a husband for six years, would knock you for accepting.

Today, we’ve decided to rank the most original proposals only Nollywood can give us.

6. Burger King takes Step Up Revolution

Listen, in the history of proposals, falling on your knees in the middle of Ikeja City Mall and asking somebody to be your wife has never been a good idea. But this guy didn’t just propose in the mall. He did it with a flash mob, in what looked like a burger king costume and somehow expected her to say yes? If he puts his confidence and delusion in a bottle and sells it in Lagos traffic, we would buy it.

5.  Egusi with a side of diamonds

Five reasons why you should hire a bouncer for your proposal. Number 1: so your ex doesn’t enter your house, eat your food and swallow the $2000 engagement ring you used to garnish your egusi soup

4. A case for human resources

Getting engaged is incredibly easy. All you need to do is go through three stages, go on the first date, get into the relationship, take the fiance pop quiz, then ask your lecturer employer

fiance if everything is okay with him.

3. Take it or leave it

A for assertiveness, B for better put my ring on your finger before I break your teeth. How in the world is anybody supposed to answer your proposal the way they actually want to when you’re swinging the ring around like a battle sword and screaming “take” in their face?

2. Papingo japalaya, big boy in town

It’s one thing to think to yourself, “Oh I want to propose to my man” it’s another thing for him to go out and buy a ring, tell you to kneel down and close your eyes, place the ring in your hand and demand that you happily propose to him before he changes his mind because the women that want him outside are surplus and if you don’t act right he’ll go out and get someone more willing. I know the dating scene is in the gutters, but nothing is actually ever that deep

1. Danger mouse

First off, Queen Nwokoye is serving INCHES, and understandably so. Omolomo assumed she was going out with a normal sensible person, but clearly not. As a human being, you pondered and wondered and thought of a way to propose marriage to your loving girlfriend, and the only thing that jumped at you was a cheeky slap across her face and a solemn “marry me”? Shame onto wicked people.

And just because it would be a crime not to acknowledge the sheer perfection of this, we have,  

Spare tire …  literally

On your wedding day, you worry about a lot of things, your cake getting ruined, your makeup artiste making you look like pennywise’s younger sister, your ex somehow being the DJ, and unknown gunmen hijacking your bridal party. But never in a million years would anyone think a backup bride should be added to the list of things you’ll need to kabash against.

Technically not a proposal, but the groom having a spare bride just casually waiting in the wings on his wedding day might be worse than everything we’ve seen till now. 


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