Afropop loves the female form.

minz skin

Bar money, it is its favourite thing to talk about. So when Minz begins his ode to his interest’s skin – “Me love all your skin, Me love how you glow”, it is not entirely strange.

After a relatively quiet year, the singer/producer’s first release of 2018  takes a more laidback approach.

It comes after the success of 2017’s “Odoyewu” and a growing fanbase built up expectations for an artist who many see as the alte generation’s Afropop voice.

After stocking up his repertoire of dance hits, Minz seems to be hinting at a new more globally-inclusive tilt on his approach to popular sound.

A few souvenirs from Afro-Swing, the UK’s answer to Afropop, appear prominently on the song.

“Skin” also borrows a leaf from the melody-intensive form of songwriting that we’ve come to love acts like Tekno for. Unlike the latter’s offerings though, the story remains the same through the song. There is no karate or mathematics.

Minz lures a very attractive love interest with offers of the very obvious things he wants to do to her – if she will just give him the chance.

It is a familiar trope that works because Minz sounds like he really loves that skin.

Another, more likely reason, is that Minz knows his way around a song.

“Skin” is perfect for the moments before the house party becomes a festival. Or better, the turndown when your energy levels will only let you snuggle up to a warm body and let the music you through the night.

Thank God for women who look after their skin.


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