It’s one thing to get into Big Brother’s house, it’s another to last in there. The people on this list may have touched foot in the big man’s house, but he needs to call them once more and run it back.

Isilomo from Big Brother Naija: Pepper Dem

This queen came into the house with the energy of someone ready and willing to cause drama and give chaos, then Big Brother decided the odds weren’t in her favour and sent her to her house the same week she came into his house.

Kimoprah from Big Brother Naija: Pepper Dem

We just want to see Kimoprah’s gorgeousness on our screen once again. We’re not really asking for much, are we?

Diane from Big Brother Naija: Pepper Dem

This is just wishful thinking because we know Diane’s now doing Nollywood things and said she doesn’t care about this season, but look at it this way: if she comes into the house, she could join another ship, and then we can get a second dose of the reunion drama.

Khloe from Big Brother Naija: Double Wahala

Yes, Biggie already gave her a second chance, but what’s a third in the grand scheme of things?

Kiddwaya from Big Brother Naija: Lockdown

The man needs to book the next flight into Biggie’s house and give us relationship Kidd 2.0, complete with the special dancing kit he comes with.

Brighto from Big Brother Naija: Lockdown

He definitely gave it his all the first time around, turning semo at 2 AM and giving everyonethe worst possible advice, so we need him to return and wreak havoc once more.

Ka3na from Big Brother Naija: Lockdown

Look, she milked the two weeks she had in the house, then came to the reunion and owned it. We’re honestly surprised Big Brother didn’t call her back to co-host the reunion of the next season with Ebuka and unleash some more chaos.

Lilo from Big Brother Naija: Lockdown

Lilo looked very promising in the first five hours of her stay in Biggie’s house, and she obviously had a shipping strategy that just needed time to sit. She seems to be doing great outside he house, but we need her backin Big Brother’s house  so we can see what we missed out on the first time.

Eric from Big Brother Naija: Lockdown

With the amount of noodles Eric was consuming, we suspect Biggie sent him out the first time because he was about to run the man out of house and home. We hope he’s done some introspection and can return and give us shipping pro max in the new season.

Jmk from Big Brother Naija: Shine Ya Eye

Yes, she has a restaurant now, and is doing her own thing, but if she makes a return, she could market the restaurant and give us some more of that good, calm drama we know she’s capable of. It’s a win-win.



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