Popular Ugandan entertainer, comedienne, and actress, Kansiime Anne, is a lady whose jokes leave us with aching sides and gasping for breathe. Her skits on Youtube are hilarious. These are the times when she behaved like a typical Nigerian.

1. When she tried to convince her neighbour to donate blood.

“Selfish tank of blood.”

2. When she behaved like a typical Nigerian parent.

“When she said you are stupid, did you lose an eye, did you develop a pimple, have you lost height?”

3. When a friend sent her a beautiful housemaid.

“So you’re going to bend when you’re mopping with those, eh?”

4. When a driver almost knocked her down.

“You don’t have money? Then you have to leave without the car.”

5. When her daughter wanted to marry a white man.

“I’m not ready to be a tourist attraction.”

6. When her daughter brings back a home assignment.

To her daughter: “Wait for your father to come back home.” Calls the teacher: “You gave her homework to do from home but you forgot to give her answers. If I’m doing part of the homework, you’ll pay part of the school fees”.

7. When her friend tried to lie and shine in borrowed shoes.

“Speak the truth and shame the devil. Are those shoes yours?”


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