Nigerians woke up to the pleasant surprise that Josh2funny debuted on America’s Got Talent (AGT). Just being on that stage wasn’t enough, he also delivered a nine-minute performance that had the audience and judges in stitches.

If Josh2funny can carry his carry organised madness to the international stage, we know these comic content creators can do it for the culture.

Josh2Funny Led the Way, We Need These Other Comics on AGT


Mr Funny wouldn’t even have to do much. He can just show up on the stage and put on his classic ‘confusionist’ expression. We can’t guarantee he’ll get any yeses from the judges sha.

Layi Wasabi

Almost every time  Layi Wasabi drops a video, there’re pockets of argument about his content appealing to a certain demographic AKA “deep, intellectual thinkers”. But the real ones know that Layi is global comedy material. He’ll eat up that stage.


Some people have been asking for a Layi Wasabi X Omo Oba collab but if it ever happens, it should be on the AGT stage. We’re calling it: these two will get three yeses and maybe even a golden buzzer.


If there’s one comic creator with the far-reaching range to crack up an American audience and four judges, Maraji’s the one. We just need her to pull one of her “X type of people” kinda content.

Charles Okocha

The comic actor has been cosplaying an ‘Americana’ for a while so it’d be a full circle moment if he ever gets to the AGT stage. Okocha knows how to work his charm so maybe there’s a chance of getting a yes or two Sofia Vergara or Heidi Klum.


She might struggle to get her three yeses from the judges but not if she pulls a Josh2funny on them and returns as her chaotic miniature character, Teni. Simon Powell will hit that buzzer with smiles on his face.


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