Get Ready With Me (GRWM) videos are as popular as comedy skits these days. So if you’re not funny, but you want to make it on the streets of social media, they’re a great alternative.

To become an excellent GRWM content creator, you’ll need more than teasing thirst traps in front of your camera and ring light. It’s an oversaturated market, but the best GRWM creators get some things right.

Create a plan

Be intentional about crafting a unique format and tone, including how you showcase the steps. @missimaa, one of the top Nigerian GRWM creators on TikTok, interacts with her audience like it’s a gist party with her besties as she shares every step of her glam-up session.

Do what you enjoy

Charity Ekezie has built her TikTok and YouTube following entirely on “GRWM to make-up” videos. Doing what you’re passionate about and sticking to it beats doing everything and being all over the place.

Skip the intimate part

The colour of your underwear doesn’t interest us. Just let’s see how you apply your skincare, dress and glam up, so we can steal some tips—please and thanks.

Don’t fake it sometimes

Stop pretending you just woke up when you and I know you can’t act to save your life.

GRWM isn’t “Go Through My Day With Me”

If your GRWM video has a part two, stop it. We only want to get ready with you. We don’t want to follow you to the mall, drive around town with you or watch you eat all day. Stick to the script.

Be fashion-forward

TBH, the best part of watching a GRWM video is seeing you get into a killer outfit. It’s not worth anyone’s time or following if your dress-up is mid. Improve your wardrobe, and internet people may grace you with their attention.

Quality >>>

Making content with excellent replay value is essential. A good camera will help. A good mic will help too, but don’t disturb us when you get one, like Hauwa L.



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