If you notice that you’ve been making any of the gestures mentioned in this article for a while, you’re not alone. But remember not to do some of them in public sha. 

Covering your mouth when you laugh

Koreans cover their mouth when they laugh as a sign of respect. If you’ve watched a lot of K-drama, you may have copied this habit subconsciously. Sha don’t do it in front of older Nigerians before they tell you that you think their mouth is smelling. 

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Slapping your head

In K-drama, the main characters slap their heads a lot. As a Nigerian, adopting this would probably come easy because older people have randomly hit your head since you were a child to date, what difference does it make if you now do it on your own? Make sure you say, “Aish,” after slapping your head for added effect. 

Flicking peoples heads 

Flicking people’s heads is the Korean version of knocking someone’s head in a friendly manner in Nigeria. Does it hurt? Yes, but it’s not your fault you learned bad thing. Everybody go dey alright. 

Clapping when you laugh 

As a k-drama fan, it’s not strange to find yourself clapping while you laugh. No, you haven’t been possessed. You’re just copying what you’ve been watching. As a Nigerian sha, be careful how you do it outside before they think you’ve lost your mind. 

Throwing the peace sign

One day you saw your favourite character in a drama series throw the peace sign, and now you can’t pose for a single picture without doing the same. Don’t worry. You’re not alone. Plus, it’s super cute.

Making a heart with your whole body

The transition from doing this as a K-drama fan to a K-pop fan is insane. All your friends are sick of you posing this way in every picture. Not us, though. We’d take pictures with you any day.

Making two fists and shouting, “Fighting!”

You can’t imagine yourself cheering someone on without making a fist and shouting, “Fighting!” as loud as you can. How else will your friends know that you believe in them? 

Bowing your head before receiving things from people 

People probably think you’re the most respectful person they’ve ever met, especially if you live in a Yoruba-dominated city. But don’t overdo it sha, because some people deserve to be disrespected. Don’t let your head stop you from giving it to them hot-hot.

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