If you ever wondered what Modern family would be if it was a Nigerian family, I wondered too. So I made it happen.

First of all, Mitch and Cam would be tucked away somewhere safe in the abroad.

Where Cam would be free to be as dramatic as he wants to be without his masculinity mocked or questioned by society. And of course, Mitch would be forced to find a way to merge his law career with taking over and managing the family business because Claire would be too busy being a Nigerian wife.

And of course, we would put some respect on Jay’s name.

Chief Jay would have his hand in politics. A man with that stature, status, and account balance does not waste his potential, which in Nigeria translates to political power.

Gloria would most definitely be Yoruba.

So replace all the “Ay’s” she yells with appropriately toned Yoruba “Ah’s”.

Claire would remain the perfect Nigerian wife

zikoko- if modern family was Nigerian

Tending to the home and grooming the kids so they don’t grow up to be disappointments.

Phill and Claire would have long conducted one or two deliverance sessions for Haley.

zikoko- if modern family was Nigerian

And Dylan who? They would have found a way to keep him exactly outside her life from the moment he perfomed that song.

Alex would be the favorite child of course.

zikoko- if modern family was Nigerian

With one or two scholarships under her belt and she would study medicine to become the family doctor.

Luke would have undergone rigorous deliverance sessions with the family pastor too after which he would grow up to study engineering.

zikoko- if modern family was Nigerian

Which is a perfect happy Nigerian ending.

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