I’d like to start this by giving a big shout-out to myself for constantly stumbling on questionable things on Judas Iscariot’s internet.

After me na me

Today, I’ll be recapping the music video of Mr P’s Paloma.

What in the robocop is going on here? I’m not even going to address this.

Back when PSquare were just two separate Ps, and we were begging them to go back to being one, Peter Okoye – Mr P – released this music video about all the dumb ways people behave when they’re in love.

And as a self-proclaimed hopeless romantic, I had to click on it faster than you can say, Jack Robinson.

This is a serious inquiry.

The video starts with Mr P and Tolu Bally, whom I shall now refer to as little miss shine shine baby, getting ready for a night out in the town. 

The look and feel of this entire thing is giving, “kasala is about to burst at 2:30, hang around only if you have that dog in you.”.

The song starts, and Mr P waxes lyrical about his Paloma, who I’m beginning to suspect is little miss shine shine baby.

It’s giving primary school rhymes

A car pulls up to a restaurant, and Kunle Remi – who shall be addressed as hot man Kunle, henceforth – steps out of the car like a billionaire from an early 2000s Nollywood movie.

Little miss shine shine baby is clearly going to go through it in this video

If I say hot man Kunle was followed by little miss shine shine baby (gosh, that is such a long name), thunder might actually strike me because he leaves her in the car and walks away on his own. 

This was the beginning of my revelation. This man was going to stress me with his bad character, and after Sunday from A Sunday Affair, showed me varying shades of shege, I decided to take that threat seriously.

Little miss shine shine baby walks into the restaurant, again on her own, trips on thin air and the strap of her heel breaks.

Mr P is acting acting. I’m convinced it was this video that got him the role of Femi Fernandez in Shanty Town.

 Justice for little miss shine shine baby

Who needs enemies when you’re wining and dining with your biggest hater? I’m just going to take everything that man does and press it to my chest because what did my shine shine baby do to deserve such a treatment.

Their date ends horribly, maybe it’s because he can’t see past his average-sized nose, or because they just sat there arguing and drinking gin for most of the night, or it could be because of all the incredibly obvious ads.

Like this one … 

… and this one. 

The date is sha over, everyone can return to their places of residence…

… and shine shine baby can conveniently forget her phone at the restaurant, so Mr P has a reason to seek her out in the next scene.

Who is little miss shine shine baby in the face of such a fate? She comes to the mechanic shop where he works to get her phone, and all the men who’ve been following Mr P up and down like they’re all glued together spot her.

Thus begins their ajepako/ajebutter love story.

They share a drink… 

He’s on a strict budget; cut him some slack 

He loses all his senses and leaves an interview to help fix her car…

What is a paying job in the face of love?

Then retire to her house for a light game of pillow fighting. 

Please bear in mind that one of these people just abandoned an interview for a job that would’ve definitely paid better than the two jobs he’s currently holding down.

As expected, the video ends with hot man Kunle, catching them in their affair.

After what little miss shine shine baby went through in this video, I hope she finally leaves men and focuses on herself, before they give her high blood pressure.


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