Ever since Tiwa Savage came out and told us Somebody’s Son is a gospel song, I haven’t listened to any of her songs without thinking long and hard about what they might actually mean. So when the video for Stamina dropped, a light bulb went off in my head, and I finally knew this was what the song was REALLY about.

The beginning of the video looks like what you’ll see while trying to pick your Mortal Kombat character.

“She’s a runner, she’s a track star”

The song starts, and it might feel like Tiwa Savage is going on about someone needing stamina and asking them to come closer, so she can know they’ve got her.

But just take a look at her,

Her eyes are shining like that because she’s trying to use her hypnotic powers on her enemies

She’s actually telling them they’ll have to be really strong to fight her, and she can deal with them, but she won’t do it without their permission. Which is why she says, “oya raga mo mi now”.

The god of strength,Young Jonn, responds to her, but instead of addressing the issue at hand – Tiwa asking to beat the shege out of him – he tells her to clap for herself, because all her threats sound like goody-goody to his ears.

Now, I don’t know if he’s being serious or calling her bluff. Either way, I just need to know, when will the gidigbo I came for actually start? 

I want to see Tiwa sending thunder to strike somebody while Ayra Starr runs circles around another person, but at this point, I’ll take them arm wrestling. Someone sha needs to make an actual attempt to squash this beef.

Like me, Ayra Starr is tired of dancing around the matter on ground and starts her verse by making it very clear; she’s been checking her calendar and can’t wait forever. They should jiggy jagga, engage in gidigbo, have a 1-on-1, anyhow they want to put it, let the fighting start.

But she doesn’t stop there. She’s been waiting ages for this fight, so when she starts mentioning all the fighting techniques she has in her arsenal, like the sexy Kung Fu and the tango for two, I can see where she’s coming from.

Young Jonn sings the chorus again, but this time he’s in Hades mode and now I fully understand it.

Remember how he was dressed in white the first time, and was trying to flirt his way out of a war?

Honestly, I too would succumb to similar tactics if Tiwa Savage AND Ayra Starr threatened to drag my ass to war.

Well now it’s his turn to threaten the two goddesses as per, don’t think because I’m smiling with you, I don’t have strength, things can turn left real quick.

The video ends with Tiwa Savage in the Garden of Eden.

They look like flamingos

Please, don’t let this confuse you. Just know she’s showing off her army to her enemies and reminding them one last time that although she’s a soft-life goddess, if they make her leave her garden, they will see the back of their heads.

Okay, now I’m done reaching.



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