Barbie and Ken have been together since we were kids. So obviously, he’s doing something right. Here are all the Ken-tributes your partner needs to have if you want them by your side for a long time.

They’re in awe of you 

They marvel at every single thing you do, and look at you like you hung the sun, moon and stars.

They do anything to make you smile 

Not just because you have a great set of teeth and they love to see it, but also, because they’re really happy when you’re happy.

They support all the silly little things you do 

Nothing you do can ever be stupid, at least, not in their eyes. You could decide to use a spoon to fill a bucket with water, and they’d cheer you on the whole time.

They’ve already promised you their ₦8k palliative 

Are they really your Ken if they didn’t think about you the second Tinubu announced free money?

They have a tattoo of your name and a little necklace with your initials 

Not because they want everyone to know they belong to you but because it makes them feel like you’re always near. But also a little bit of the first.

They’ll never Kensplain anything to you 

They know no one can ever know everything. So on those off days when they need to help you understand something, they’ll do it with love, not like you’re the bane of their existence and the object of all their annoyance.

They have that Kenergy

They’re always just happy to be there for you. It doesn’t matter if all they’re doing is watching you watch a movie. They’ll do it like you’re a record-breaking blockbuster, and they’re in an I-max cinema hall.



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