On April 18, 2024, news broke that Nigerian singer Davido launched Nine+ Records, his new music label called in partnership with UnitedMasters. This news comes as a surprise as the Afrobeats star announced a restructured version of his Davido Music Worldwide label (AKA DWM 2.0) in March, 2023.

But new label operations have kicked off, and this is everything you should know about it.

What’s Nine+?

As it has been established, Nine+ is Davido’s new music label. According to David Adeyemi, a member of Davido’s PR team, the name was culled from the lyrics of Davido’s 2022 song Stand Strong: “OBO elemi nine plus,” meaning “OBO has more than nine lives.” If not for its idiomatic interpretation and mystique, the name possibly alludes to being an “old cat” or part of the “Big 3” in the industry.

Why is UnitedMaster in this?

UnitedMasters, an American music distribution company, expanded its operations into Nigeria in December 2023. Its founder, American music executive Steve Stoute said he met Davido while in Nigeria last year and they talked about the possibilities of working together. It sounded like a great idea to the business-minded Davido. So, here we are.

OBO is now a music executive

Davido’s role at Nine+ starts his career as a music executive. He’ll take on many of the same responsibilities he held at DMW, but with a key difference: shared leadership. 

According to his manager and lawyer Bobo F. Ajuda, “Davido will collaborate with Steve Stoute to identify and develop talent. Their respective teams from Nine+ Records and UnitedMasters will work together to support these artists. This includes everything from artist development and branding to securing market opportunities.”

Why now?

This is the right time to expand, considering his superstar status at home and abroad. His music and relationships with global brands like Puma, Martell and now UnitedMasters are easy keys to open doors worldwide for the youngins in the industry back home. 

Nine+ will absorb DWM

If you’re wondering if the birth of Nine+ means the end of DMW, you may be up to something. Although Bobo confirmed earlier that DWM will continue its independent operations and maintain its roster as a record label and Nine+ will focus on its global journey, Davido tweeted last night that he’s moving all his DMW artists to Nine+ Records. In a press release signed by UnitedMasters, the new label will announce more artists and partners in the future.

Nine+ is more than Afrobeats 

The mission of this new music company is to sign and work with global talents. Nine+ will not only work with Afrobeats, but also with Hip-Hop, R&B, Latino sounds, etc. It’s OBO for all.

What this venture means for him and Afrobeats

Think of this as a career upgrade and portfolio diversification. Stepping into a new position as a label executive comes with responsibilities and an additional stream of income. It was stated that Nine+ Record Ventures is an additional channel and opportunity for the local industry to connect with the global audience and market.

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