If you aren’t living under a non-internet-enabled rock, you’ve heard of Smirnoff’s NoKnownAddress Party. 

In 2021, Smirnoff flagged off Detty December with the Smirnoff NoKnownAddress party, and it was such goals. They’re going again this year with Hotel Smirnoff. Here’s why we think everyone should experience #HotelSmirnoff at least once in their lives.

Mad themes

Any excuse to dress up and have fun is a fantastic one. Themed parties allow you forget the ever-rising price of bread, take on a new character and party with one goal in mind — to turn up. 2021’s party was jail-themed, and I’m living for the mugshots.

Fire music

If there’s one thing Smirnoff knows how to do, it’s getting performers and DJs to churn out fire music that’ll have you whining and scattering legwork like nobody’s business.

Crazy vibes

Did you think they were joking when they said the party is strictly for the infamous? In essence, keep your home training at home. You won’t need it.

Amazing drinks

It’s a Smirnoff party. Get ready to drown in delicious cocktails and flavoured vodka. The bouncers would need to carry me out when the party’s over because I’ll be more than happy to sleep there.

Partners in bad behaviour

Imagine partying with people with the same level of craze as you. Sounds like a Smirnoff NoKnownAddress party.

Tons of activities

…for when you want to take a break from the electrifying performances and dancing. We heard that last year, there was a trial room for secret Smirnoff City recipes, an onsite tattoo shop, plus a merchandise store.

No known address

In case you didn’t notice from the name, the location is completely secret and will only be revealed to the baddies who reserve a seat. No gate-crashing here.

Did I mention unlimited fun?

With the good vibes and limitless energy of a Smirnoff party, you just might beg them to have one every month.

Hotel Smirnoff is happening on November 18, 2022, and you mustn’t miss out on an unforgettable night of infamy, mad fun and limitless energy.

Make your party reservation now. No payment needed.


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