The last season of Emily in Paris ended without us knowing what decision Emily made. Is Emily staying in Paris or coming to Nigeria to join us in this heat and chaos? We’re not sure, but just in case, we’ve come up with a possible list of things that’d happen to Emily if she makes Nigeria her future home. 

Emily in Lagos

Everyone is shocked Emily chose to move to Nigeria. She’d only seen a few pictures of Nigeria and decided to move here for her African awakening. She packed a bag and told her friends she was moving to Africa to nurse her broken heart and rediscover herself (falling in love with your friend’s boyfriend will do this to anyone). Africa to Emily was the whole of Nigeria. A country and continent she had never been to before and barely knew about. 

She goes running on Lekki-Ikoyi Link Bridge 

Everyone goes running on the Lekki-Ikoyi link bridge, more so, Emily. She wants to continue being fit and burn all the jollof rice she’s had since she got to Nigeria. She forgets how hot it is in Nigeria and goes running without a bottle of water, feels faint and eventually faints. 

Emily is now a damsel in distress. She’s also young, beautiful and white,  so a lot of people stop to help her. 

Yes, Emily is still passed out. At this point, she is very conveniently helped by a beautiful young man, 6’4, bald man, in sleeveless vests and tight Nike tights. His tights were tight enough to let you know he doesn’t miss his morning runs and hours at the gym. 

He helps resuscitate her with a bottle of water and gives her his number in case she needs to know more about Lagos. We can’t blame him, right? She’s new in the city and here for a good time (damn it, I think I have watched one three many Nigerian films). She didn’t have to tell him she was new in the city because anyone who’s passed out on the Lekki-Ikoyi link bridge without a bottle of water is clearly a novice. 

Emily isn’t interested in romanz, she’s more focused on doing her work and leaving this hellishly-hot city. She wants to return to Paris or New York.

If you watch the show, you’ll know Emily is a top marketing executive and a social media influencer. Emily has been struggling with keeping up with her life as a social media influencer and marketing executive since she moved to Lagos. She decides to give up on taking pictures of places she’s been to in Lagos and try out living her best social media life in another city. She’s unsure of the city and thinks of going to Ibadan or Abuja. Why Ibadan? we too we don’t know.  

She gets sick of Lagos and decides to go to Abuja. (You can’t lie, this one is realistic AF)

Between the heat, sitting in traffic for long hours and eating subpar meals from laundromats (sorry we meant Lagos restaurants), Emily decides she’s done with Lagos and everything about it. She was in traffic one time and saw a policeman on the bonnet of a car, comfortably chilling and couldn’t make sense of why she’d chosen to come to Nigeria or Lagos in the first place. 

She buys a ticket to Abuja, goes to the airport and finds out the extremely beautiful man (I am now very deep in my Nollywood bag, but I digress) who helped on the bridge is on the same flight with her. They chit chat a bit on the flight and she promises to call him this time. He’s wiser this time, gets her number from her and promises to place a call. His name is Femi. This is the real beginning of her story. 



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