There’s so much new music being released that it’s hard for even the most loyal fans to wade through the trash to find the gems. That’s why we’ve created #BumpThis – a Friday series that features new songs, by and featuring Nigerians, that you absolutely need to hear.

Odunsi — “Body Count” ft. Amaarae, Deto Black & Gigi Atlantis

Odunsi’s sprawling new EP, EVERYTHING YOU HEARD IS TRUE is a fascinating reminder of just how magnetic he is as a performer, but it’s his skill as a producer that truly make the project stand out.

Every track on the EP, even the ones that barely clock two minutes, feels grand and fully realised, but it’s the defiant “Body Count”, which features Amaarae, Deto Black and Gigi Atlantis, that stands the tallest.

On the sex-positive track, Odunsi sits back and lets the women take charge. The result is a flawless team-up that reaffirms our love for Amaarae and Gigi Atlantis, while also introducing us to the exciting Deto Black.



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