There’s so much new music being released that it’s hard for even the most loyal fans to wade through the trash to find the gems. That’s why we’ve created #BumpThis – a Friday series that features new songs, by and featuring Nigerians, that you absolutely need to hear.

Jinmi Abduls, Atawewe — “Show Me”

Even though love is the most popular subject amongst Nigerian artists, we rarely get proper duets that focus on the emotion. Thankfully, Jinmi Abduls and Atawewe are here to fill that hole with “Show Me”.

On the hypnotic track, Jinmi Abduls and Atawewe sing about how our generation expresses love. While Jinmi would rather keep his relationship away from prying eyes, Atawewe seeks a love that’s loud and public.

Both stars, who are not yet household names, deliver truly stunning performances, indicating that they should really be on everyone’s radar this year, especially the soulful Atawewe.



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