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To most superfans and cultural commentators, AYLØ has been one of the unsung heroes of Nigeria’s alte scene for far too long. His 2016 EP, Honest Conversations and the follow-up, Insert Project Name showed off his incisive songwriting and taste for soulful production.

In the past few months, AYLØ has gradually emerged from his reclusive state to tease his 2019 project, DNT DLT

. “Sassy”, the second single from the project, shows off the singer’s strengths – his impressive vocal range, an ear for melody and his modern R&B-influenced approach to soul music.

“Sassy” starts off as a moody celebration of an alluring, confident female. The song champions AYLØ’s love interest and women everywhere against a backdrop of neo-R&B that is smooth and consistent from start to finish. The subject matter is typical of much of his work – ambient music made from the perspective of a lover boy who genuinely appreciates femininity.

Speaking on the release, AYLØ told Complex Magazine, “It is sort of an ode to feminine sass. The chase they make you chase. Knowing fully well that this is 2019 and we no longer condone intimacy, relationships, or the idea of marriage as a concept that renders a woman subservient and, in essence, a slave. God is a woman — in all her excesses.

Alte rappers, Psycho YP and Fasina deliver a more lustful appreciation of the love interest, but rather than distract from AYLØ’s more shrewd take, their verses give the song more vigour.

DNT DLT can’t come soon enough.



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