For years, the entire Nigerian music industry has lived in the shadow of Lagos.

Cities like Kaduna and Port Harcourt have built a reputation for providing a seemingly endless supply of talent and approaches to the Nigerian sound.

Yet, it’s almost like for every Burna Boy that simmers to the surface, there’s a Kay X, an Abuja resident, born and bred in Port Harcourt, trying to put his city and his sound on the map.

Songs like “Involve” take you to a familiar place – in the place of your calmest dreams, with a beautiful woman and a cold drink in your hand.

The newest single by Kay X is a near-perfect party starter that beckons to the ladies to let loose over a delightfully groovy beat.

Off the artist’s new project, “Totally Experimental 2, “Involve” works because of how easy it is to listen to – reminiscent of the same understated groove that propelled Burna Boy’s “Like To Party” to the top of our playlists years ago. Yet, Kay X takes it a notch higher by putting a location tag on it.

He kicks off in pidgin and some Yoruba but as the song progresses, Kay X calls to the women in his native tongue – Igbo.

Musty Sax winds things down with a generous saxophone solo that injects more life into the song.

It evokes everything people love Port Harcourt for; the breezy evenings, open-air parties with beer, slang, rowdy conversation, all held together by its constant energy.

Lagos can sit this one out. Port Harcourt is where this party’s at.

Listen to Kay X’s Involve featuring Musty Sax here.


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