We’re tired of focusing on Yemi Cregx, his wife, Khosi, and his side chick, Blue Aiva (Yes, we know he ended things. No, we do not believe him). 

But there are at least ten other ships in the house that are actually giving, and this list proves it.

Yaya and Marvin

First off, they look GREAT together. But can Marvin get himself together and stop letting Yaya’s efforts go to waste? We need them to fully enter their “married couple of the house” era.

Tsatsii and Thabang

They look and act like siblings. And it’s a wonderful reprieve from the “me and mine” fest the house has become.

Nana and Thabang

Let’s start with their never-declining face cards. These two are a beauty to behold, and it doesn’t hurt that they speak of each other with utmost adoration.

Kanaga Jr and Yvonne

We’re here for the vibe they catch once the beat drops.

Ipeleng and Miracle

Because they look good together, and we need Ipeleng to find another man so she can keep Yvonne’s name out of her mouth.

Yvonne and Juicy Jay

After Juicy Jay sang and publicly declared his feelings for his sweetheart, we need Biggie’s cameras to follow them and their PDA all over the house.

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Nelisa and Yemi Cregx

Yemi Cregx looks and acts like Nelisa’s older brother — her personal clearing and forwarding agent — and it’s the cutest thing in Biggie’s house. You can’t talk on Nelisa’s name when he’s around.

Kanaga Jr and Tsatsii

With Kanaga Jr’s “you look better without makeup” compliment last night, and Tsatsii putting Kanaga and his partner up for eviction two weeks in a row, things look suspicious with these two. But we can’t deny how cute they are together.

Blaqboi and Blue Aiva

Blue Aiva’s desire to play three men aside, she and Blaqboi look nice together. It’s always a swell time watching her whisper sweet nothings into his ear.

Kanaga Jr and Yemi Cregx 

Kanaga Jr is ever ready to defend Yemi’s philandering ways, and it’s giving besties.

Olivia and Yvonne

Best in sis-mance and news reporting. Not only do they deliver gist like they live, breathe and eat it, these two openly care for each other, and it’s the sweetest thing.

Juicy Jay and Olivia

Might be the way they hype each other up, might be their obvious adoration for each other. Whatever it is, Juicy Jay and Olivia make us want to laugh, cry, and sometimes, bury our heads in the sand. They’re the ultimate pair.

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