You’d think Biggie’s children would get the February’s the season of love memo and act accordingly. Instead, they’ve gone around the house sowing seeds of discord with a sprinkle of disrespect and betrayal.

Here are all the ways the housemates moved like they were in competition with Judas Iscariot.

Yemi, the faithful 

After Ebuka’s grilling and table shaking on Sunday, Yemi Cregx stepped into the new week as a changed man. He made a whole show of breaking things off with Blue Aiva and sticking to Khosi. We think this is only temporary because two days later, the whole world saw Blue and Yemi share lingering looks and touches.

Love is in the air

The boys, led by a lovestruck Juicy Jay, planned and executed a Valentine’s Day breakfast for the girls, and it was the cutest thing the show’s seen since the week before when Juicy Jay sang songs of love to his baby, Yvonne. 

Big Brother took a cue from the breakfast and treated the housemates to a three-hour-long dinner, where they professed love for each other. But trust Kanaga Jr to say all the wrong things in all the wrong ways, like calling his kissing buddy a rat. 

Miracle, you again?

Miracle has made up his mind to treat Big Brother’s house as his personal fighting ground. He’s gone from actual verbal fights with Jennie O and Khosi to throwing subtle jabs at Yemi Cregx in the name of defending Khosi’s womanhood. He needs to give it a break because he’s already doing the most.

The great divide and reunion 

It was the week of love, but Biggie thought it right to put a divide between the lovers, triangles and squares, by separating the boys from the girls and insisting they don’t interact with each other. It lasted for two days, and the house was boring AF. So we just want to make a formal appeal to Big Brother to not do it again. We need our ships to survive, please.

“Talk your talk” podcast

The housemates seem to have found a new way to resolve their issues: a roundtable discussion led by at least two other people with issues of their own, who think they can solve other people’s problems. The podcasts might not work a hundred percent, but they’re incredibly entertaining and messy.

The Thabang problem 

Thabang put too much on his plate, and now, all his chicks have come home to roost, literally. He shared a steamy kiss with Nelissa that carried on through the night until she stepped out of his bed for a quick bathroom break, and Khosi came in to take her place. Yemi Cregx carried the matter on his head; he warned Thabang to take Nelissa more seriously and leave Khosi alone. 

Bye Maya

Maya have finally left the Big Brother House after sailing through two evictions and carrying Kanaga Jr’s name around the house like he stole a phone at computer village.



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