We’re three weeks in, but the Big Brother show’s clearly just started. Ships are shaking, the housemates are rattling, and Big Brother is as petty as can be.

The end of Lukeng

Lukay and Ipuleng have gone their separate ways, literally. Lukay and his partner, Jaypee, walked out the Big Brother doors after their Sunday eviction as Ipuleng remained in Biggie’s house.

Captain Biggie

Overall best in stirring the pot unprovoked. Big Brother made sure the housemates knew he was all seeing as he made them participate in the Friday games in order of their ships, triangles and squares.

Mmelisa fight … again

At this point, Mmeli and Nelisa need to tell us the actual reason for their weekly WWE smackdown. Because if they fight because of a game one more time, Big Brother would have to send his ninjas to drag them out of his house for our sanity.

Blue, the head shipper

Blue Aiva and Olivia have become friends since Sandra’s exit, and JayVonne’s perpetual gum body started. This means she knows about the crush and has decided to play matchmaker with Olivia and Thabang.

That exclusive vibe

The first official unofficial couple in the #BBTitans house, Tsatsi and Kanaga Jr, have defined their relationship and are now vibing exclusively, whatever that may mean.

Juicy the trapped

First, I blame Big Brother for acknowledging Jenni O’s involvement in Juicy Jay and Yvonne’s situationship.  Now she and Nana believe that Jenni is the one Juicy wants, and he’s only with Yvonne because he’s “trapped” there. 

This makes sense when you think that Juicy most likely broke his bed just so he could share a bed with Yvonne, even though there are several other free beds and sleeping spots in the house. Definitely trapped.

With the exit of Lukay, and Ipuleng’s newfound freedom, I hope all the shippers have lit a candle for their ships because no one is safe.



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