Shipping Big Brother housemates has never been easy. It requires grace, strength, someone to break a bottle on your head when you start doing too much and a shit ton of delusion. The housemates are fickle and stubborn, and sometimes, they act blind to the overwhelming chemistry they have with each other. But that shouldn’t stop you from carrying all their cute moments on your head.

Here are seven ways to still ship your stubborn faves even when they haven’t figured out their feelings for each other.

Be delusional

It’s the best way to live life. If your ship have refused to open their eyes to see the good thing Big Brother has placed in front of them, that has nothing to do with you. Continue staring at your screen with love-struck eyes.

Make fan cams

The only thing better than watching your ship exchange quick glances and shy smiles in real-time is watching a recording of it over and over again. Trust us, we know this. 

Vote for them 

While you’re planning for money bouquets and hampers, don’t forget to vote for your ship. If they leave the house now, who would you aww at? How would they eventually become a thing? 

Defend until you’re tired

Don’t let anybody shame you or your ship, please. If they are cute, they are cute.

Turn a blind eye to their rubbish

The chances of one or both members of your ship acting like the bottom of a pot are high. When they do this it’ll be best to put on your rose colored glasses and ignore the bad character they’re exhibiting in front of the world.

Be rich

This is the most important because how are you a shipper without money? Who’ll vote to save your ship? Who’ll spoil them when they leave the house? 

Beg them

While you go about shipping in full force, don’t forget to beg your ship to actually begin their romance, so they don’t make a mockery of you in the streets.



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