Spoiler Alert: If you’ve never seen Hunter x Hunter, think twice before reading this because there are major spoilers ahead. 

Twelve days ago, I wrote about how falling in love made me delve into the world of anime. Sure, I started because of love, but I stayed for the show. Now, I’ve almost finished watching Hunter x Hunter, and I have things to say and one big question to ask: Are the creators of the anime okay? 


My friend sold this anime to me with points like the power of friendship, underestimated characters and a simple plot of a young boy trying to find his father. She didn’t lie, but she skipped some essential points. 

I thought the hunter games arc where they had to pass a few tests to get their hunter license was all I would have to deal with, and because only a few episodes were available on Netflix, I assumed I was safe. LOL. When Gon, Killua and the friends they made tried to pass the games, I was stressed out because of the uncertainty. Honestly, take me back to when that was my only problem. At episode 106 (on this totally legal anime site), I’m scared my sons might not live to see another day because this is way different from everything they’ve had to deal with. This is something nobody has had to deal with. There hasn’t been a case where Chimera ants get strong enough to be able to take over the world. 

I keep trying to convince myself that my sons are the main characters and bad bitches don’t die easily, but it’s hard. 

My mental health hasn’t been the same since I started watching, yet Gon and Killua, the people who put their lives in danger, are playing games and running around—acting like they didn’t just increase my blood pressure. Don’t they consider therapy? Does the hunter license not come with health insurance? Why are they acting like everything is okay?

My love for Gon and Killua extended to Kurapika and Leorio, and they’ve earned my full trust and respect. So when Kurapika had to fight the Phantom Troupe? I couldn’t contain it. 

Texts I sent to the person that made me start watching HunterxHunter

How is one person making me go through all these emotions in 12 minutes? God, abeg.

After watching the Phantom Troupe and Greed Island arcs, I thought I was invincible. The creators saved the absolute fuckery for when they’ve got you hooked on the show. Because what in God’s name is the Chimera ant arc?

Stress doesn’t begin to cover it, and I’m not even done watching yet. There are still six more days to the battle with the King. Gon and Meleon (the chameleon that can turn invisible but is actually an ant with a human mind) just became partners, and an octopus that’s actually an ant is trying to save Killua’s life. Man-eating ants with tails, wings and powers are trying to take over the world. How do I tell the normal people in my life about this without sounding like a crazy person? 

Now, I understand why people binge-watch anime. You’re about to leave to focus on life, but something happens and now you’re saying, “One more episode”. If not for work, I would do nothing but watch anime all day. 

One thing I didn’t realise at the time I was sending the above texts is that the Chimera ant arc is where they really showed the power of friendship. I saw Killua cry because of how scared he was that he couldn’t protect Gon, and I lost it. I just wish I got to see Kurapika and Leorio a lot more.  

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During the Phantom troupe arc, I was already rooting for Kurapika. I hated the Spider’s guts, and I wanted all of them gone. I mean, look at what they did to Kurapika’s family. Tell me why four episodes in, I’m crying, feeling bad for murderers and thieves. Yoshihiro Togashi, na you do me this one. 

Whenever they show an enemy’s backstory, I know I’ll be unable to hate them because they’ve suffered as a collective. Poverty? Abuse? Hunger? Name it; they’ve suffered it. It reminds you that life isn’t black and white. While some people take their suffering and try to turn it into greatness, others hurt and hurt others. It doesn’t excuse their actions, but it makes you feel a bit sorry for them. I think that’s why Gon hardly kills his enemies. He knows. Killua, on the other hand? He doesn’t give a shit about you and your daddy. 

If you’re not sympathising with a villain because their backstory is sad or you can see the emptiness in their eyes, it’s because they’re hot. Case in point, Feitan (who I call Feyitan), Zazan, Pitou, Shizuku, Chrollo, Misha and Hisoka. 

I know they’re all bad guys, but this is a safe space, and I’ll say evil adds to their appeal. I wholeheartedly believe I can calm Feitan down when he’s about to explode. If anything, I think Ging is the real baddie in all this. Gon wouldn’t have had to go through fire and brimstone to find him if he had been a present father. How does a man tell his 12-year-old son, “Catch me if you can?” It’s giving very much child abuse and begs the question, “Is there no child protection service in this anime?” Why are so many children fighting? What are the adults doing? 

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Villains you feel sorry for and flawed heroes, I think HunterxHunter thought of everything. The biggest mistake many people make is assuming heroes are selfless people who make decisions for the good of humankind. But heroes like Gon and Killua act based on their selfish interests; it just so happens to be for the good of humanity. 

Gon faces every villain because he assumes it’ll finally get him strong enough to meet his dad. Killua is just in it because he’s bored, loves Gon and wants to help him find his dad. Sure, Gon is a genuinely lovely person who just wants to save everyone, but the ginger he has is because of his dad. Plus, it sometimes leads him to act without thinking and put himself in situations where he would survive, but others who are not as strong will not. Can you blame him? He’s 12. Acting without thinking is what children do. 

Killua is not even a conventional hero. He’s an assassin who wanted to quit. If he didn’t meet Gon, his life would’ve gone on a totally different trajectory. Along the line, you see just how much he evolves into the role of a hero(ish). 

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My favourite thing about this anime is how human all the characters feel. They’re multifaceted, just like people in the real world. They might do a nice thing today and a terrible thing tomorrow. I’ve not met a completely bad character yet, not even Hisoka. Neither have I met a completely good character. They have their little quirks, making it a lot more fun. 

I’ve not finished watching, and I believe my mental health will worsen, but I’m excited for what’s in store for me. 

I’ll update you when I’m finally done, so send me love and keep me in your prayers because I definitely need it.  

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