Are you ready to meet the newest member of Africa’s biggest reality show? Season Two of Young, Famous & African is dropping on Friday, 19th of May, 2023 and if we’re judging by what Season 1 delivered, we are expecting Season 2 to serve us everything a reality show should serve and more. 

Here are some of the things we expect:

  • More hot people
  • Extraordinary display of wealth
  • Fashion statement and iconic looks
  • Hot mess
  • More drama
  • Love and Friendship
  • Plenty more drama

If you are one of those wondering why we came to this conclusion, it means you are not familiar with the Young, Famous and African squad, didn’t see season 1 or you need a refresher. 

Anyways, this meme-fied commentary we made can serve as a refresher and you can quickly binge-watch season 1 on Netflix before the new season drops.

In other news, we caught a peep of the show and here’s some exclusive tea on YFA2 and what fans can expect:

Old and New Flames

From Andile trying to rekindle his relationship with an old lover to the new rectangle and triangle ship forming between new girl Fantana, the boss lady Zari and superstar Diamond Platnumz, the new season of Young, Famous and African promises loads of love, excitement and heartbreaks.

The Idibia’s Drama 

The African Queen carried season 1, hopefully others will come correct this time so she doesn’t break her back. In this new season of Young, Famous and African, Annie is providing us with enough drama. It also looks like her husband 2baba is featuring more in the new season, and he came with his own drama. We can’t wait to see how that plays out.

The Fashion god continues to serve looks 

When it comes to fashion, Swanky Jerry sabi and he’s always here to let us know. In the new season, Swanky will know the theme of an event but would rather wear what he likes and slay because “no one dictates to the fashion god”. 

Swanky Jerry also introduced Bonang Matheba, one of Africa’s biggest media personality to the high class group. We are excited for everyone to see the looks Swanky Jerry is going to pull this season.

Detective Khanyi In Her Bags 

Three gbosa for Khanyi Holmes, the in-house detective and devil’s advocate. Khanyi  knows how to extract info from the squad as she doesn’t joke with her “tea”. From introducing new members to the group to her fall out with multiple YFA members due to her detective methods, we heard Khanyi ruffled some feathers, and spilled some tea.

New Stars To Watch Out For 

Young, Famous and African feature some of Africa’s biggest stars and there are new additions this season to spice up the group, provide new drama and test the boundaries. 

This season, we have Bonang Matheba, media powerhouse from South Africa, Fantana, dancehall queen from Ghana, and Luis Manana, a designer from Namibia. With their sophistication, different background and personalities, we know they will be an amazing addition to the group. 

We can’t wait for everyone to see what the new friends bring to the table. Stay tuned for more updates on this and all the drama that comes with being part of the Kings and Queens of Young, Famous and African season 2!

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