I’ve been watching snippets of Reminisce’s Zero Conditions Podcast interview on X. Then I finally succumbed and spent one hour, and fifty minutes of my life watching just how ridiculously funny and entertaining the rapper is, and I have no regrets. Y’all won! 

Now what did I find out about Alaga Ibile? Let’s see.

Reminisce was fighting for his life with “Kako Bi Chicken”

It might have been a bop at the time, but what we didn’t know was that SAPA was a serious fuelling engine. In Alaga’s words “If to say that song no blow, I for don off”.

He’s a cool dad with a moderate dash of “Africanness”

Gentle parenting, AKA naughty corner and “you’re grounded” are foreign concepts to Alaga. For context, he told his daughters “No cakes” during their last birthday and took them to an orphanage to see beyond their bubble.

It was nice knowing Nollywood but that’s over

I’ve been highkey expecting to see Reminisce make a return in some of the big Nollywood titles we’ve seen this year. But now I know it won’t happen. Alaga said he’s been there, done that and moved on.

“I’m not acting again; I’m not interested anymore.”

A bromance with Olamide

Not gonna lie, watching Reminisce dote on Olamide made me blush a little. Alaga said “He’s a cool kid; very respectful”, and was a major push for him to release his last project, ATGS Vol 1.

He was a footwear plug for UNILAG students

To be honest, it shouldn’t be news that Alaga is an all-round hustler. But if you didn’t already know, he once sold footwear to the “rich kids” of UNILAG.

It’s family over everything here

Here’s the gist: Reminisce had no idea his daughters’ room had been repainted for two years, even though he stayed in the same house with them. That was a wakeup call to step back and prioritize family over fame.

He loves “Kukukukuku” AKA Amapiano, but…

I lost my shit for five minutes straight when Alaga described amapiano as “Kukukukuku”. 

Our man attended Obi’s House and had to beg DJ Obi to put the spin on street jamz because he couldn’t deal with the amapiano line-up.

He genuinely cares about men

Alaga said “men go through a lot”, and I agree. But that’s not the best part of the gist. Turns out he recorded “Ponmile” to highlight some of the things men go through in relationships.

Therapy where?

For a self-styled “meninist”, Reminisce has never had any reason to visit a therapist, and I find it sus. Our man said it’s a concept for the “new generation”. Instead, he takes his health and stress management seriously.

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