In every episode, the men of “The Men’s Club” gather to dissect their new issue of the week in search of possible solutions. Now that I’ve had all this time to watch every single episode at least five times, it’s safe to say those conversations could have been avoided if the men looked inward and realized that nine out of ten times, they’re the origin of their problems. 

Just in case you’re in doubt, I’ve made a list of all the times the men have caused chaos on the show, for themselves, by themselves.

When Louis’ engagement party descended into chaos

The only difference between that engagement party and the red wedding in Game of Thrones is that one ended with everyone dead. People gathered at both events to celebrate love, but they both ended in chaos.

Problem: Louis. As a cheating man, why would you date your best friend’s sister, and why would you let your side chick attend your engagement party? Yes, technically, the invite didn’t come from him, but he was in the room when it happened, and he didn’t try hard enough to convince Tonye to drop the idea. So, yes, this one’s on him.

That time Lanre got served breakfast

Lanre had a good thing going. He had just started his career as a part-time gigolo, he had a great contract with Mrs Lawson’s company. Life was going great, and then he decided to walk into the kitchen and prepare the biggest breakfast the show had ever seen. 

Problem: Lanre. This man had the mind to confess love to his benefactor and basically propose to her. There’s no crime in love,  but where did self-preservation run to?

That time Lanre got served breakfast 2.0

If there’s one thing these men lack, it’s shame. Lanre got his heart handed to him by Mrs. Lawson, and instead of him taking a step back and licking his wounds, he decided to return to his ex, Sade, under false pretenses, and acting like everything was alright was the next step. 

Every day might be for the thief, but one day will definitely be for the owner. Sade found out Mrs. Lawson — the reason they broke up in the first place — rejected Lanre’s marriage proposal and decided she deserves better than the woman’s crumbs.  Sorry to him and more grease to her elbows.

Problem: Lanre. Granted, Sade reached out to him first, but it was for friendship. He decided to toe the path of love with her once more. Now everyone on that street in Lagos knows their business, and Lanre can’t show his face there again.

Aminu and Tumini’s brief break

In a quest to create a name for herself outside her partner and his endless wealth, Tumini falls into a trap created by Jasmine – Aminu’s ex. Which led Aminu to think Tumini’s cheated on him, and that led to their ridiculous breakup.

One would think after Aminu had to wine, dine and break his back to get Tumini he’d hold on tight to her and fight for their love. Obviously, we were wrong. 

Problem: Aminu’s stubbornness and Lanre’s big mouth. Yes, the entire thing was masterminded by Jasmine, but if Lanre wasn’t already making everyone doubt Tumini’s fidelity, and Aminu took a second to actually listen to her explanation, maybe they would have resolved it there, and Aminu wouldn’t have spent those months moping around the world.

Louis and his mother’s arrests

After Louis tried and failed to forget about Lola, he finally divorced Tonye and moved in with Lola. Big mistake, because Tonye decides she won’t face the embarrassment on her own and uses her family’s influence to toss Louis and his mother in a cell for a little bit. Which would be understandable if she wasn’t already aware of the circumstances surrounding their marriage, and Louis’ love for Lola.

Problem: Louis for agreeing to go with his mother’s insane plan and getting married to Tonye in the first place.

Tayo and Tiara’s break-ups and make-ups

Tayo and Tiara are arguably one of the cutest couples on the show. But every five business days, they decide they can no longer be together and proceed to take you through the most painful break-up you’ll ever witness.

Problem: Tayo. Every time they’ve broken up, it’s been because of Tayo and his piss-poor communication skills. All Tiara wants is a little honesty, and obviously, that’s too much for Tayo to handle.

The battle for the contract

One would think after Naomi and her family took everything he worked for, Tayo would never mix business with pleasure ever again, but obviously not. After Aminu introduced him to Chief Bewaji, instead of him just bidding for the contract and going on his merry way, he went for lunch with his daughter, Tiara, and proceeded to go on the rollercoaster their relationship was.

Problem: Tayo. His friends warned him about being with Tiara and bidding for a contract with her father. Obviously, their words fell on deaf ears.



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