In terms of scary Nollywood movies that will almost make you pee your pants, the good people of Nollywood have paid their due. Yes, you know Koto Aye. But how many of the other movies on this list do you know if you are not a 90s baby?

1. Koto Aye

Koto Aye |IYA GBONKAN | LALUDE| - Yoruba Movies 2020 New Release | Latest  Yoruba Movies 2020 - YouTube

This movie was the real deal back then. It cemented Iya Gbonkan’s status as a screen legend. Mama the mama.

2. Eran Iya Oshogbo

The Kingmaker🦉 on Twitter: "Please...I need your honest opinions here,  which horror movie is it for you. 😂😂 Retweet 🔁for Eran Iya Osogbo. Like  ❤ for Chucky…"

The soundtrack for this one is unforgettable.

3. Nneka The Pretty Serpent.

Nneka the Pretty Serpent (1992)

Femme fatale, but add a sprinkle of the otherworldly so it can scare people’s children.

4. Living in Bondage.

The Original Living in Bondage now Available on Youtube

Non 90s babies will know this since there was a remake. Read about the first one: Here’s A Recap Of The First ‘Living In Bondage’ Movie

. And here’s a review of the remake: Movie Review: Living In Bondage (Breaking Free)

5. Karishika.


The only Karishika a lot of you know, is the Karishika song by Falz.

6. Agbara Nla.

AGBARA NLA 3 by Mount Zion - Mount Zion x Selar

It is not today that Mount Zion has been fearfully instilling the fear of the Lord in people. Think we are lying? See:

7 Scary Mount Zion Movies We All Watched As Children

7. Diamond Ring.

The Diamond Ring Nigerian Movie Part 1 RMD - YouTube

Major lessons from this? Don’t join a cult and don’t steal. Otherwise… Let’s not talk. Let these scary Nollywood movies teach you what to do.

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