There’s something about Segun Arinze’s eyes that has characters confessing all their past, present, and future sins, but must Nollywood typecast him as an olopa? The man has played a police officer in Afamefuna, Merry Men 3 AND Blood Sisters

Nollywood needs to remove “olopa” from our king’s head and put him in something new. We have a couple of suggestions.

A priest

Image Source: Nollywoodbymindspace

What’s the difference between a priest and a police officer? Well, a lot, but they both have the uncanny ability to get people to confess all they’ve done and might want to do in the future. If Nollywood still wants to make use of his truth-revealing, olopa eyes, then they should make him a priest.

A vengeful man

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We need someone to wipe out his entire family in the first 30 minutes of a film so his character can spend the next 60 to 90 minutes threatening, maiming and killing people. Have you seen him in Silent Night? We know he can do this.

Somebody’s disapproving daddy

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We need more Nollywood romance, and every self-respecting romance needs someone to stand as a stumbling block in the way of the protagonist’s love. We volunteer Segun Arinze in the role of disapproving daddy who thinks no one is good enough for his darling child.

A murderous choir leader

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He could honestly go around hacking people down with a saw, as long as we get to hear him sing every now and again.

An ever-grieving widower

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Older people are allowed to fall in love, too. Nollywood needs to actually take this one seriously and give Segun Arinze a character that spends half the film grieving the loss of his first love and the other half rediscovering himself and falling in love with someone new.

A historical figure

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It’s already been announced that he’s playing MKO Abiola in a biopic. But people need to be reminded of Segun Arinze’s range yesterday, so we’ll need the filmmakers to speed things up and give us that biopic NOW.

A time-traveling juju man

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Nollywood’s already given us one juju sci-fi film, so we know they can do it again. They need to put Segun Arinze in costume and have him muttering out incantations through space and time as soon as possible.



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