As much as we’d love for them to, wicked people do not always meet misfortune. Sometimes, they have okay lives, find love, and live happily ever after with their equally wicked partners. These Nollywood ships are proof of that.

Akin and Goldie in “Brotherhood”

Some people might want to debate whether he’s a villain or she’s evil. But the last time we checked, they were both stealing and destroying other people’s properties across Lagos. 

Ebute Metta Bonnie and Clyde might’ve loved each other and had good reasons to steal their way through the state, but they’re still villains in this world.

King Ofotonku and Queen Oniyemofe in “Riona”

We’ve seen a lot of bad fathers parents in Nollywood, but King Ofotonku easily makes his way to the top five. Not only did he torment and frustrate his people, he sent orders to kill newborn babies, then turned his wickedness on his family by pitting his sons against each other and almost killing them multiple times. We would’ve considered exempting Queen Oniyemofe from her husband’s wickedness and evil, but who are we to separate what the gods of Oyomere — and the writers of Africa Magic — have joined together?

Apostle and Rachel in “No Way Through”

This couple carried their “For better or worse” vows on their heads and took it as far as they could because drug pushing, murder and attempted murder?

Apostle and his babe were playing no games. If you tried them, you’d collect.

Olayinka and Femi Ademola in “Blood Sisters”

We can point fingers at Uduak for having a favourite child all we want, but at the end of the day, it’s obvious that Olayinka and Femi had wickedness and greed swimming in their blood.

A little sibling rivalry is fine, but you and your wife hiring someone to unalive your brother is where we draw the line.

Oga Rambo and Adufe in “Far from Home” 

We’ll accept that Oga Rambo was on his own when trouble came knocking if he’ll accept that selling drugs and threatening to feed people to a hyena wasn’t very “I’m a good” person of him. Why did he even have a hyena? Oga Rambo was throwing threats and kidnapping people throughout the series, and if that wasn’t enough, he went on to recruit Adufe into his club of evil.

We know Adufe’s villain career started as a result of the men in her life showing her shege, but kidnapping, blackmail and attempted murder is a huge jump.

Tobore and Kiki in “Unbroken” 

At first, Tobore was only moving mad with the people who disrespected him and his businesses. Then he met Kiki, and together, they went about crushing everyone who crossed their path and tried to act insane with them.

Binta and Nuhu Bula in “Wrath and Revenge”

Nuhu liked to act like all the crimes Binta committed disgusted him, but he was enjoying the fruits of her hard work and licking his fingers right after. He might not have made the plane fall from the sky or kidnapped Dikko’s family himself, but everything that happened increased his chance of becoming the Governor of Kowa, and he liked it.



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