Ever looked at your TV and thought to yourself, “Damn, I’ve seen this face before”? Some celebrities look so much alike, there’s a strong chance even their parents might get confused. And for some, you can’t really tell what it is, you just get a feeling that somebody’s father must have played away match in the 1980s. Either way, it’s time to put on your glasses and help us solve this mystery. 

Oge Okoye and Future

Nollywood campus bad girl, Oge Okoye, and the father of many nations, Future are two celebrities who look alike in a very weird way. Their case qualifies as one of those where you just can’t put a finger on what the facial connection is, but you just know it’s there. Once you see it, you can’t unsee it.

May-D and Adekunle Gold (Pre-AG Baby Glow Up)

Before manifesting  DILF energy, Adekunle Gold could’ve easily passed for May-D’s younger brother. Take a close look; you see it, right? There’s just something there. Maybe it’s the lips. Maybe it’s the struggle on their faces. We’ll let you decide.  

Funke Akindele and Taraji P Henson

Talented, successful and funny as hell, there’s no denying the fact that Funke Akindele and Taraji P. Henson have a lot in common. But have you noticed that they also look alike? The resemblance is lowkey unsettling.

2Face and Joe El

It’s one thing to look like someone (it was probably a photocopier issue in heaven), but to sound like the same person? No, we think it’s time to interrogate somebody’s dad. Joe El not only looks and sounds like 2face, he was also signed to Kennis Music, the same label that helped 2face breakout post-Plantashun Boiz.

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MI and Kendrick Lamar

One is a short black boy from Jos who came heavy into the Nigerian music scene and changed the rap game forever. The other is a Tupac-inspired rapper from Compton with flows that have won him multiple Grammys. Apart from being goats in their respective industries, MI and Kendrick Lamar also share the same face. Are we hoping for a joint album based on our busy body discovery? Hell yes!

Peter Okoye and Usher

We all saw this one the minute the video for Senorita dropped back in the day. Paul would’ve been on this list, but he decided to switch up his hairstyle and we don’t make the rules.

Nneka and Di’ja

Di’ja and Nneka are not related. We felt the need to say this out loud in the hopes that it would become real to us too. Looking at this picture, it’s easy to assume it’s the same person, but with different backdrops. The universe is playing tricks and it’s not funny at all. 

Porsha Williams and Chioma Goodhair

You only need to stare at them for ten seconds to come to the conclusion that they’re related. Not only do they look alike, they’re also reality TV queens and are well-versed in the art of entertaining chaos.

Saucy Santana and Davido

We don’t know if Davido will ever cross-dress, but thanks to Saucy Santana, we know what Baba Imade will look like if he does. Just negodu their beard.

Naomi Campbell and Kika Osunde

The lips, the jawlines, the face, the cheekbones and the hair on these ladies? This is too much. If Queen Naomi hasn’t already gotten her relatives to take a lie-detector test and open up about her estranged relatives, now’s the time.

Naomi Campbell and Vee Iye

We’re still standing on business and maintaining that a lie-detector test is necessary cause ain’t no way. The uncanny resemblance between two Nigerian hotties is more than a mere coincidence. Anyway, Hollywood should better come for Vee or Kika when it’s time to roll that Naomi biopic.

Emeka Ike and Derek Luke

We don’t know what Derek Luke charges these days but if Nollywood needs to cast an identical twin for Emeka Ike, this is the man for the job.

Sam Dede and Ving Rhames

If their post and body buildup isn’t enough to convince you that these two are doppelgangers, look out for these three things: The smirk on their faces, their moustaches and noses.

Wole Soyinka and Morgan Freeman

These iconic stars are both in their 80s. Soyinka is older with a three-year gap but looking at these pictures, one could easily assume that they were twin brothers in another life. Whoever plays Soyinka in a biopic might as well do a decent job in a Freeman biopic. 

Kanayo O Kanayo and Meek Mills

One is a veteran in Nollywood notoriously loved for his movie roles as a ritualist. The other one is an American rapper who loves causing chaos on the internet. If you ask us what they share in common, it’s the fact that they can play the younger and older versions of each other thanks to their resemblance.

Sambasa Nzeribe and Chadwick Boseman

Rest in peace to the iconic Hollywood actor, Chadwick Boseman, but we need Marvel to cut our Nigerian brother a fat cheque for another Wakanda Forever instalment.

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