Mother’s Day might be three days away, but the time to get your gifts ready is now — even if the gift is to a fictional character who has no idea who you are. Nollywood stays giving us iconic mothers; here are the gifts they should get this Mother’s Day. 

Tinuade Coker from “Wedding Party 1 & 2”

Photo credit: Zikoko

Mother’s Day Gift: A party

No one loves a good party like Mrs. Coker. She took over her daughter’s wedding, and if not for the timely intervention of Obianjuju Onwuka, she would’ve taken over Deidre and Nonso’s wedding as well. This is why we suggest her children and family entirely dedicate a party to her. They should offer her a planner she can order around, and disappear until the day of the party. If they can also invite a shit ton of single pringles for her to match-make, then it might just be the happiest day of her life.

Jedidiah Judah from “A Tribe Called Judah”

Photo credit: Afrodives

Mother’s Day Gift: A keke

Before all five of her children thought it wise to steal from a man involved in money laundering, Jedidiah Judah was a businesswoman. We don’t know if her kidney disease has finally been treated so she has enough strength to continue her keke-riding business, but they’ll need money to survive in their new home. Her remaining four children best put their heads together to buy their mother a new keke. Not for her to drive by herself o. They should also figure out who’ll become the keke-rider and report daily piles of cash to their mother.

Mama Tiwa from “Skinny Girl in Transit”

Photo credit: Adesinu Mutiu-Okediran

Mother’s Day Gift: White fabric

We all know how much Mummy Tiwa loves her Woli and the prayers he offers on her behalf. The best gift for her would be 12 yards of white silk so she can sew clothes for Woli and use whatever fabric remains to carry her beloved grandson.

Uduak Ademola from “Blood Sisters”

Photo credit: Bella Naija 

Mother’s Day Gift: Flowers

The last time we heard from Uduak, she was on her knees in a dark, damp warehouse with a gun to her head. We’re not sure if her daughter shot her dead or not, but either way, her children should gift her a big bouquet of flowers this Mother’s Day. She might have been a shit mother, but the flowers would look nice on her grave. And if she’s still alive, they would look nice for all of five seconds before she deposits them in the bin.

Awarun in “Anikulapo”

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Mother’s Day Gift: Hired killers

Hear us out, Awarun was living her life, enjoying her boy toys and eating her money in “Anikulapo”. Now, in “Anikulapo, The Spectre”, her boy toy, Saro, has resurrected and gotten her child pregnant. We suggest she gets herself a Mother’s Day gift that’ll help her off Saro again as soon as possible because, for him to impregnate her daughter, he clearly lacks respect.

Lilian Wright from “My Mum and I”

Photo credit: wikipedia

Mother’s Day Gift: A partner for her child

Lilian loves her child, there’s no doubt about it, but it’s time for her to live her own life. For that to happen, Joyce needs to find love and leave her mummy alone.

Mabel Wilmer-Willoughby from “Far From Home”

Photo credit: bimboakintola via instagram

Mother’s Day Gift: A plug

Carmen needs to take into account all the rubbish she’s put her poor mother through and introduce her to “Dr. High”. Mabel needs to take a step back and relax before her child’s teen drama chases her into the bush.



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