A new reality TV show titled Bae Beyond Borders was unveiled on Showmax yesterday, October 10, 2023, and it’ll match four South African women (they were revealed yesterday too) looking for love together with twelve Nigerian men from any part of the world.

Though we don’t know who these selected Nigerian men are, we’ve seen only Eric (a.k.a. the Indomie Pumper) of the Big Brother Naija: Lockdown season in this show’s teaser. If Eric is here, ready to leave the streets, we know some other Big Brother Naija men who should be finding love on Bae Beyond Borders.


Bad Boy Deks may have not actually found his last bus stop despite the sizzling romance with Venita. He needs to up and jolly with his eloquence and Yoruba boy sauce to Bae Beyond Borders. The women are waiting, and who knows? Mrs Deks might be on the queue. 


Obviously Neo is a very fine man and he’ll deliver a good time and those are already a plus for him. He was hot with BBN babes like Vee Iye and Tolani Baj for some minutes.

The Mzansi women are looking for long term commitment that we can’t guarantee is Neo’s stronghold. But it may be a good time for him to move past BBN flings and get a serious relationship.


A serious relationship might save Prince from getting trapped in triangles and situationships. He needs the fiery kind of love  that’ll keep him focused on a person. Have you seen the  Bae Beyond Borders women? They’re more than capable.


I think if Mazi has a woman he’s busy calling ego oyinbo every millisecond and turning Semo for, he’ll have less time to pose for pictures that bring out our bombastic side eyes or even less energy on flaunting a babe as a get back at Mercy for leading him on. The game is the game. Get it over, bro. There’s love at Bae Beyond Borders.


A man that’s reserved, smart, patient? Emotionally available and expressive men are specs the women of Bae Beyond Borders are looking out for. That’s Ozoemena Chukwu. Don’t dull.

Leo DaSilva

If we take out the cringe egusi-pizza meal combo, Leo looks like a total sweetheart. Plus instead of complaining about the singles in London who air him, he’d find it easier with women of Bae Beyond Border. They seem ready to listen just to find their king.


Saga is finding love but he’s doing it the wrong way. He’s acting out engagement in comedy videos with Mr. Macaroni. I’m confident Bae Beyond Borders will turn bro’s dreams into reality.

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