Reality shows are fun and entertaining; so much display of talent you can’t help but be wowed. Still, if you think only the contestants in these shows are an interesting bunch, then let us introduce you to the other central figures – judges.

Read on.

1. The bad belle ones

Forget about trying to impress them. No contestant ever deserves a “YES” with their face like that of a stone.

2. The motivating ones

They smile, encourage you, and have a kind word even if you don’t make it to the next stage.

3. The inscrutable ones

You never really know if they’re pleased or displeased, especially if they have shades on. Fear them.

4. The misleading ones

Don’t lose your guard around these ones. They can lead you on, but still shock you with a resounding “NO” after your performance.

5. The neutral ones

They’re neither here nor there. Whatever their fellow judges say, they support.

6. The oversabi ones

Fine, their work is to judge, but there are some who-ask-you things they should not just open their mouth and say.

If you think we’re lying, here’s how to settle the matter. Tune in to channel 2 (African magic family) on GOtv Max every Sunday, by 7 p.m. to watch Nigerian Idol. Not only will you catch all the entertaining and fun moments, you’d be able to observe which category the judges fall into.


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