It’s hard to watch the new season of Young, Famous & African and not get drawn into the will-they-won’t-they love triangle between Andile, his on-again-off-again boo, Sebabatso, and his baby mama/BFF, Rosette. 

Rosette, Andile and Sebabatso

Rosette shows up in season two as this sleek, sophisticated chick who’s here to start some hot drama. While Andile can’t seem to figure out if she’s really flirting with him or joking, it’s clear that Rosette wants this man back even though he’s figuring out his relationship with Sebabatso. 

Andile and Rosette from back in the day

Here are all the times Rosette stylishly (and sometimes, directly) shot her shot at Andile this season. 

The time she reminded Andile that she’s a ten

Andile pulled up in episode six, trying to smoothen things between Rosette and Sebabatso, but our girl had other plans. 

Ghen! Ghen!

She started the peace talks by giggling, batting her eyelashes and flirting with Andile. Who else tells their ex, “Can you see how good my makeup is? I look hot, but you don’t want me?” It might’ve sounded like a joke, but the good sis was reminding Andile she’s not just a catch but a catch that’s also available for him to snatch. Shooting shots takes finesse, and Rosette is clearly related to Pheelz because her joke was a smooth way of laying the groundwork for her arrow of hot romance. 

The time she told Andile she’s very very single 

Still on a mission to turn Andile’s truce meeting into a firing squad of romantic shots, Rosette quickly said, “No” when he asked if she was dating anyone. And like the expert markswoman she is, Rosette didn’t just stop there; she told him point blank that she was trying to win him back. See, once a girl clears her roster of toasters and decides to focus on you, bro, it’s about to go down. 

Dear Andile, clean your glasses and read the signs; Rosette wants to eat you like hot agege bread. 

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The time she was shooting shots in the middle of Luis and Swanky’s drama 

Right in the middle of the Luis, Swanky and Zari’s eggs drama, Rosette made it her mission to fire some light shots at Andile. We can’t help but stan a focused queen who can multitask — squashing beef while making moves on her ex-man. 

After a brief meeting to intervene between Luis and Swanky, Andile kissed Rosette’s hands goodbye. Only for her to touch her lips, saying, “Let’s kiss here”. Wahala. 

De-Nile is a river in Egypt!!

Andile’s house must be on denial street because how isn’t he seeing what this babe is doing? 

The time Luis called her out for being messy, but she responded with more shots 

Andile was still unsure whether or not Rosette was serious when Luis called her out that he knew what she was doing.

Pew! Pew! Pew!

To shoot effective shots, you need to be shameless, and our queen owns everything with her chest, telling everyone at the table she’s just trying to get back into Andile’s heart. Closed mouths don’t get fed, so if there’s one thing Rosette will do, it’s open her mouth and say what she wants with her full chest. 

The time she asked him to get back together and forget everyone else

We’ve saved the best for last. 

Bombastic side eye! Criminal-offensive side eye!

At the end of the drama-filled season, Andile visited Rosette in episode eight to ask how she’d feel if he got back together with Sebabatso. Just when it seemed like all hope was lost for our girl and she’d accepted defeat, she struck with another shot, asking Andile to get back with her to end all the drama between her and Sebabatso. Sis, how will getting back with you end the drama? 


We have to give it to Rosette for being resilient and trying her luck even in the face of defeat. 

While we wait for Netflix to confirm if we’re getting a new season of Young, Famous & African, we’ll be following all the hot drama on Andile, Rosette and Sebabatso’s social media pages. We’re always here for hot drama.

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