Netflix just announced that it has partnered with INKBLOT PRODUCTIONS to create a series!

We are honestly not surprised because this low-key production company has had 11 hit Nollywood movies on Netflix such as The Setup, Love is war, Who’s the Boss, The Wedding Party 1 & 2 and Up North. They have been saddled with the responsibility of producing a series hailed as Nigeria’s First Young Adult series that follows the adventures of a teenage protagonist. And Nigerians are excited to finally watch a show that depicts the often-ignored demographic.

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You knowwwww!

With that in mind, we made this list of things we expect to see in the series. We hope Inkblot productions is paying attention because we will riot if we don’t get what we want.

Inkblot and Netflix, beware!

 1. The casting of age-appropriate actors

Because the series is mostly set at a secondary school, we expect to see actual teenage actors playing the school children. We are talking about the protagonist, supporting characters, and extras. If we see any adults stuffed into school uniforms 2 sizes too small, there will be war.

2. The casting of actors that can deliver

It’s hard to criticize child actors because they’re adorable. But it must be said that a lot of the ones we have seen in the past no sabi the work like that. We need child actors who can actually act and not just deliver lines like cute, monotone robots.

3. The use of Nigerian locations

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There’s nothing worse than watching a movie/show that’s set in one country, but the locations used in it tell a different story. Since this new series is set in Nigeria, we want it shot here. In recognizable locations too so the viewers can relate.

4. Proper depictions of Nigerian secondary school life 

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Those that attended Nigerian secondary schools know that it’s not too different from “Lord of the Flies”. We want to see the nitty-gritty of boarding-house life. If not as part of the main plot, then in the background.

5. Realistic descriptions of Nigerian parent-child relationship 

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You know what we mean. There is a…unique dynamic in Nigerian parent-child relationships and we need to see that in this new series.

But we trust the writers working on it sha. They are our faves, and we know they will deliver.

So, we’re giving Inkblot Productions the benefit of the doubt that they will see this, pay attention, and do the right thing (i.e. give us what we want and deserve). If the show premieres with 39-year-olds playing teenagers, we will rally the villagers, gather our weapons and ride at dawn.

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And yes, there are other Nteflix-related news.

From now to next year, ladies and gentlemen of the internet, we feast!



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