If you’re thinking about joining the Nigerian Halloween train this year, you don’t need think too hard about what to wear. We’ve done the work and you can now express yourself, recreating some Nollywood characters we’ve on screen this year. 

Check for your style below.

Agemo (Jagun Jagun)

Agemo is easily one of the most popular film characters we’ve seen in Nollywood this year. Agemo can appear and disappear. Although she’s a scary killing machine, Agemo is almost as fast as Flash. She moves swiftly in her local floating adire and ofi with a mask that has lasers as eyes. 

Asabi (Ijakumo)

This film received different reactions, but one can argue that its protagonist, Asabi, was a unique character. Her outfit choice is why she’s also the most outstanding character in the film. Asabi wore only black gowns and carried a dread longer than the 3MB. 

To be honest, wearing this as your Halloween costume will likely slow down your movement due to the long dread that’ll drag after you, but maybe you’re built differently. Who knows?

Ogundiji (Jagun Jagun)

Say what you want about Ogundiji, but that man had the flyest fits; from his war apparels, the plain fur coats and caps to the bead accessories — no warlord or jazz man has this man’s steeze.

Kareem (Gangs of Lagos)

Get your danshiki dress, dark shades, panama hat, one gold chain and two gold rings and you’re set. Thing is, not everyone will pull off Kazeem’s look without breaking a sweat, especially when you factor in his scary aura and personality. But it’d be dope if his character was recreated for Halloween.


It’s very likely people will run away or avoid you if you’re in the Nkemakonam deity costume. For starters, it looks like a masquerade regalia. Consider this costume as repping your long-gone ancestors.

Monsters (Ile Owo)

If this is your Halloween costume, know that you’re going out as something closer to the devil and other monstrous creatures with horns. Don’t forget that an underwear is the only piece of clothing this one has, and crawling is also part of the personality.

Girl gang (Chronicles)

This is easy to recreate. Sew a big choir robe, buy a ski mask, and a toy gun. Your “holy armed robber” brand is set.

The people of Iyi (Mami Wata)

Getting your face painted in white and making hairstyles that look like satellites or any object of your choice may make you look like a stranger in a foreign land. But at least, you’ll look more African than others. Can’t hate this.

Yejide and Awele (Battle on Buka Street)

This is an extra for you. You can run with any of the two rival characters here. Or better still, hold your best friend and act like competitors throughout your Halloween party. But make sure to carry your big pot, a bag of yam flour, a turning rod and other identifiers of a Buka boss madam.

You made it here, my friend, Now can you get your Burning Ram Meat Festival ticket? November 11th is closer than you think o.



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