Are there people less invested in their jobs than the subtitlers that work for Yoruba Nollywood? If there are, we haven’t found them. So, we gathered 15 pictures that show times they couldn’t even be bothered.

1. The deal is what now?

2. Huh?

3. In case you needed clarification.

4. *Runs to google the word “shurty”*

5. How many days make up a “view” weeks?

6. The case of this confusing subtitle deserves attention too.

7. Excuse me?

8. Is “pregnants” for when it’s more than one child?

9. No words.

10. How can you argue with this?

11. What the hell?

12. Try and visualise pants carrying blood.

13. Thank God indeed.

14. Just be going, sir.

15. Chief must have really messed up.



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